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NextServices was founded in 2004 with the simple insight that two of healthcare’s biggest challenges: administrative efficiency and access to clinical care, required much better solutions. Starting out in the Ann Arbor campus of University of Michigan, we developed a powerful services and software platform that has today transformed how healthcare organizations see patients, get paid and bring Health IT products to life.
We work with solo practices to ambulatory surgery centers to Fortune 500 organizations who are as passionate about healthcare as we are.


We met as graduate students at the campus of Michigan Ross. When we observed the healthcare industry we noticed rampant administrative inefficiencies that could be helped with better technology and management. By 2009, our business had grown with happy clients and people and we were ready to take on the larger healthcare challenge of clinical access.

During that time, an unexpected episode led to the death of our colleague’s wife. A small gastroenterology problem led to a bigger problem because she wasn’t diagnosed in time. This led us to think that technology can be a powerful tool in helping people get timely access to care. We eventually developed enki, which is today a powerful cloud/mobile electronic health record platform.

Our purpose is to make healthcare delivery simple. In living this journey, NextServices will continue to offer products and services that make it easy for doctors to focus on medicine and for patients to receive timely care.


What unites us as iNexters are our core values. These values have helped us become who we are as an organization:

• Respect knowledge
• Clients first
• Quality focus
• Friendly/open
• Innovative

We represent multiple educational backgrounds in science, business, engineering, mathematics, arts, finance, computer science and so on. This diversity helps people assume new responsibilities with greater ease. Our culture is open and transparent encouraging people to develop to their full potential in a friendly and nurturing environment. We strongly emphasize growth of the individual – not just through skills and knowledge but more broadly through various developmental activities throughout the year.


We understand the criticality of patient data and we take HIPAA seriously. The following are the measures we undertake to ensure HIPAA compliance: Each business associate in NextServices signs a HIPAA compliance agreement. Unethical use of medical and billing records is strictly governed and prohibited.

Medical services data – superbills, insurance details, procedure details, etc. is stored on secure HIPAA compliant servers. Any form of data transmission is 256-bit SSL encrypted. Patient data in enki (our EHR software) is 256-bit SSL encrypted. Regular security updates and data backup is maintained.


CEO & Co-Founder

Background: 16+ years large scale technology consulting
Education: Michigan Ross School of Business, University of Toledo


President & Co-Founder

Background: 14+ years in business technology and healthcare
Education: Michigan Ross School of Business, Singularity University

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We offer an integrated services and software platform

Technology Solutions

We work with a wide group of clients from solo physicians to product teams within Fortune 500 organizations with a common passion of making healthcare better and simpler.

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