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enki EHR ecosystem

enki is a certified cloud based mobile EHR software for medical specialty groups and ambulatory surgery centers. enki office EHR contains suite of features specifically designed for specialist groups. enki ASC EHR is a clinical and management platform for ambulatory surgery centers. The entire enki ecosystem is available on the iPad making it mobile and interoperable.

enki office

Customizable EHR built specifically for office setting

enki office


Your entire EHR on
an iPad



enki ASC

Clinical and administrative EHR for ambulatory surgery centers

enki ASC


Two-way health bridge connecting patients and doctors



Almost every feature on enki web is available on the iPad. Now look at the patients not the computer screens. Move around with your EHR. Access it anywhere.

Certified mobile EHR

Native apps for office & ASC setting

Always updated


Easy to use interface

Automated health record builder

Messaging & administrative modules

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enki’s integrated endoscopy editor lets you import and edit procedure images for specificity. The images can be edited on the iPad and viewed on the web or vice versa.

Integrated endoscopy writer

Built-in image editor

Built with Minimal Standard Terminology


Instantly updated on the web

Integrated operative notes

Automated clinical data capture

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A dynamic two-way health bridge connecting patients and doctors.

Medical records & diagnostic results

Patient information

Clinical & demographic menu


Messaging module

Request medication refills & update medical information

Downloadable educational & medical resources


Interoperability is in-built

“I have portability. My records are available in the office, in the hospital, in my endoscopy suite, at home and on the go. Many patients who have been to providers using desk tops in the exam room comment on how impersonal and detached those providers are, some even facing away from the patient during data entry. Today’s providers will demand this same portability in their EMR as they currently have with all other digital media.”

Its about the patients

“The mobile version allows me to maintain a degree of intimacy with my patients. My visit with the patient is done face to face without a cumbersome PC or laptop in between. Other systems without the mobile application do not afford this. Many patients who have been to providers using desk tops in the exam room comment on how impersonal and detached those providers are, some even facing away from the patient during data entry. “

Safe and secure

“Medication interactions and allergies can be checked quickly and at any time. Imagine how this enhances patient safety when writing a prescription when the office is closed. Coverage in off hours is better and safer as records are available whenever I need access to speak with patients.”

– Gastroenterology Specialist, Massachusetts


We actively live in the future so that we may build it today. Whether extending our platform to Google Glass or integrating a patient’s DNA data into the EHR or tracking a patient’s activity live, we see our platform to serve as a hub to deliver healthcare in the future.


enki EHR prototype for Google Glass.


enki integrates with 23andMe to store patient DNA records.


Health activity data from devices such as Fitbit can be wirelessly synced into enki.


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