enki HIS Platform

enki HIS Platform

enki framework is hosted in a secure and HIPAA compliant cloud computing environment. By virtue of its design, enki server infrastructure can be quickly and easily scaled to meet the changes in the computing demand. This robust and highly scalable computing environment and design of enki also helps in effectively controlling the costs related to server infrastructure. Since the system is hosted in the cloud, maintenance and uptime is regular, offering a higher uptime.

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Key features include:
Mobile EHR
On the web and mobile devices

Use enki EHR’s mobile technology to manage clinical documentation and deliver quality patient care. Available on the web and mobile devices, enki EHR gets out of the way you practice.

Population health management
Aggregate patient health data

enki EHR’s population health management modules aggregate data and provide patient health analytics across multiple angles. View disease maps across geographies and run reports across multiple metrics to drive patient engagement and improve community health.

Completely customizable
Same EHR, different styles

enki framework is built from ground up for simplicity and can be customized within minutes. You can design enki EHR to mimic your current paper records to suit your style of work. Presets of inbuilt functional modules can be dragged, dropped or moved around.

Interoperability within systems
Connecting technologies

enki can be integrated with legacy endoscopes in procedure rooms or with Laboratory and Radiology Information Systems within the facility, with pharmacies and national health registries and also with wearables. So now, you can worry less about the hows and buts, and build a seamless flow of data between systems.

Security and access
Manage and secure health access

Entire enki framework provides module level security and access controls. From the outside, all remote connections from applications or otherwise are through SSH. All SSH keys are at least 256-bit encryption keys. Apart from encryption, the system employs a unique per session randomized token architecture to make every user session unique and secure. Every document/file downloaded from the system is encrypted and password protected. From the inside, you can direct the flow of data, assign access controls and manage every aspect of the system. You can use the centralized dashboard to build custom roles and super users all in one place.

Patient portal
Improves care processes

Allow your patients convenient access to their health records 24/7. Engage your patients digitally and make them a part of their own care process. enki patient portal empowers patients by providing access to various education material and medical records, so now, your patients can be more informed about their health. The portal also integrates data from genetic testing kits and activity monitors to better track overall health of the patients. With integrated telemedicine modules, you can virtually see patients. The modules support both video and messaging-based consults.

enki framework is hosted in a HIPAA compliant cloud computing environment

This robust and highly scalable computing environment and design of enki helps in effectively controlling the costs related to server infrastructure.


enki HIS Platform Case Studies

Getting disparate users onboard while implementing an EHR

‣ The doctors received Meaningful Use Stage 1 incentives despite challenges of using computers.
‣ Through our Meaningful Use consultant, the administrator kept track of Meaningful Use and Clinical Quality Measures compliance and guided the doctors to successful completion.

Achieving Strategic Growth through Optimized Operations

‣ The practice successfully expanded, currently housing three physicians and three assistants.
‣ Closed 90+ insurance AR at 3% at the end of 2015 (industry average for 120+ insurance AR is 12%).
‣ Completed credentialing for all three providers.