We provide the services + software platform, that surgery centers need to thrive in an environment of tougher reimbursements, high operating costs, technology complexity and increased regulation.

“In an environment where it’s increasingly tougher to get paid correctly from insurance companies, NextServices is the best ally to have on your side as a physician.”


There are just too many aspects involved in running a profitable business. From resource and expenditure management in large hospitals, to streamlining operations in surgery centers, to ensuring timely reimbursements for solo specialists, we bring our hands on experience in revenue cycle management to all healthcare settings to improve performance and reduce reimbursement turnaround time.


Deciding to merge with another surgery center or planning an acquisition can be an overwhelming task. We can help you with the right advisory recommendations to ensure the process is seamless for either entities. Our team will help you avoid billing disruption by analyzing financial and technological timelines such as studying patient volume reports, procedure diversity, payment models, EHR and practice management setups, receiving common submitter ID from clearing houses, setting up ERAs/EFTs and establishing connections between different software systems if needed.


From evaluating EHR setup to calculating compliance percentages, we assist you across all the stages of Meaningful Use program to help you stay compliant. In case you are audited, we can help you navigate through the audit and demonstrate compliance by coordinating with vendors, gathering documentation and appealing to Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) if required.


Our vast experience working with different healthcare settings has enabled us to understand the specific regional and national quality requirements. We can help you setup periodic reporting standards for regional or national requirements such as PQRS and ASCQR quality reporting. We can also do this on your behalf.


Whether it’s working with vendors to get better pricing on supplies or drug companies for competitive drug rates or with insurance companies on contract negotiations, we will work with you get you the best possible deal.


One client wanted us to replicate an entire patient demographics list from one practice management system to another. Another wanted an interoperability bridge between a practice management system and an electronic health records system. Yet another wanted an interface between a lab and hospital systems. Whether starting up or need enhancements, we can review and help you streamline your IT and software infrastructure and avoid bringing on a full-time IT person. Our deep understanding of functional and technical expertise allows us to be a unique bridge between the two.


We work with healthcare practices of all sizes towards developing quality protocols and undertake internal audits. If your practice is audited, we can help you through the audit process and meeting regulatory requirements. If you want to identify process gaps, we can conduct quality drills to help you get a complete picture of your business.


To help physicians and staff get a better understanding of ICD-10, we have designed a highly specific ICD-10 training program. The course helped our clients seamlessly transition to ICD-10 and encounter zero ICD-10 coding related denials. The curriculum constitutes introduction to ICD-10, anatomy of an ICD-10 code, specialty specific coding, coding scenarios and ICD-10 coding and billing support.


Consulting Case Studies

Billing implications while merging groups to create a super group

A merger of any kind involves a great degree of complexity and is wrought with challenges. Our team worked hand-in-hand with both groups operationally and technologically that resulted in a smooth and outstanding merger.

Surviving a Meaningful Use Audit

The auditing agency passed all measures, except one, due to insufficient EHR info. We appealed directly to CMS to reconsider. Upon thorough review, CMS upheld the auditor’s decision. The physician is now being considered for successfully demonstrating MU compliance and financial incentives.


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[Adenoma Detection Rate Infographic]
[Adenoma Detection Rate Infographic]
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[Referrals: Your Most Powerful Network]
[The Ultimate Guide To Boost Your Online Ratings And Grow Your Patient Volume]
[The Ultimate Guide To Boost Your Online Ratings And Grow Your Patient Volume]
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[The Ultimate 13-Point Checklist To Increase Patient Volume]
The Handy AR Bundle - 4 pre-designed templates to help you get paid faster]
The Handy AR Bundle - 4 pre-designed templates to help you get paid faster]