Tougher reimbursements. Higher operating costs. Increased regulations. We have a system to help you thrive, not just survive. Whether you wish to lower cost of operations or build a mobile app, we are here to help.


 Compliance Services > 
State and federal compliance tracking and reporting

 Ancillary Services > 
Streamline existing ancillaries or start new ones

 Full-Service RCM > 
Pre-visit activities, coding, claims management & AR follow-ups.



 enki > 
Cloud-based EHR, ERW & Telemedicine

 Analytics, Automations & Interfaces > 
Create dashboards and connect to systems

 Medical App & Software Development > 
Ideate, design and develop your products



 Growth Strategy > 
Explore which consolidation strategy is right for you

 Digital Health > 
Build the next generation system


♥ "Good collection and communication with the patient and the office."

♥ "Billing is very prompt and quick."

♥ "[The Team] keeps track of unpaid claims and on time reprocessing. Also as finding new easy solutions for patient's payments is done well."

♥ "Staff are very responsible, polite, patient and professional. Billing is on time most of the time."

♥ "NextServices always responds quickly to any inquiry we might have as well as providing reports on a timely basis."

♥ "Response time to requests is always quick."

♥ "The Team communicates well with the medical office and physicians. Very available to answer questions and concerns."

♥ "Great expertise in reimbursement, easy to work with, took our project on, driving it forward, taking a lot of initiative. Recently we have been getting on the phone to take care of open items, which has been really helpful."

♥ "Provides prompt responses to any and all of our concerns."

♥ "Just keep up the good work."

♥ "(enki EHR has) Good streamlined interface; uncomplicated."


Certified, cloud-based EHR and Endoscopy Report Writer for ASCs, medical groups and endoscopy suites


Customizable EHR built for gastroenterology and other specialists


Clinical and administrative EHR for ambulatory surgery centers


An efficient way to document endoscopy reports

“Experienced employees at NextServices took over various assignments in a seamless fashion. Within four months my collections were the highest in the past year.”

“NextServices has helped us streamline our entire billing process. They have shortened the turnaround time and improved our collections.”

“Despite challenges, NextServices in a short time has done extremely well. This is due to their excellent management and staff.”

“In an environment where it’s increasingly tougher to get paid correctly from insurance companies, NextServices is the best ally to have on your side as a physician.”

“NextServices has provided us a vehicle to stay ahead of the ever changing and challenging healthcare demands and reimbursement issues and for that we thank you.”

“The mobile version allows me to maintain a degree of intimacy with my patients. My visit with the patient is done face to face without a cumbersome PC or laptop in between.”

“My records are available in the office, in the hospital, in my endoscopy suite, at home and on the go. Today’s providers will demand this same portability in their EHR as they currently have with all other digital media.”

“Extensive industry knowledge of the the team at NextServices allows the practice to stay ahead of the policy changes. Their services are highly recommended to any medical practice seeking a reliable and efficient medical billing company.”