CMS approves $34 billion in 1 week. Do this to get paid now.

CMS approves $34 billion in 1 week. Do this to get paid now.

[UPDATE: As of April 26, 2020 CMS has suspended the Medicare Advance Payment Program. Read the official press release.]
CMS disbursed $34 billion in the past week. They processed 17,000 out of 25,000 requests for Medicare advanced payments.
Medicare is extending 3 months of payments in advance. They will process payments in 7 days.
Read: Coronavirus: CMS approves nearly $34 billion in accelerated/advance payments to healthcare providers (Medical Economics)
If you haven’t applied for the Accelerated and Advance Payment Program, my team at NextServices is doing it pro-bono for gastroenterology practices that need this help.
Please complete the attached form and email with the subject line: Medicare Advance Payments.
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◘ “You should be commended for trying to help doctors who seem so distraught. I was aghast to see staff in many practices and hospitals laid off from their jobs. ” – Dr. Murali

Let’s get this done.
Resource: Updates on Accelerated and Advanced Payments, Claims Reporting for COVID-19, Telehealth and Quality Payment Program (CMS)


By Praveen Suthrum, President & Co-Founder, NextServices. 

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