Curated COVID-19 GI Resources: April 21st, 2020

Curated COVID-19 GI Resources: April 21st, 2020

Curated COVID-19 GI Resources: April 21st, 2020
Yuval Noah Harari: the world after coronavirus (Financial Times)
A brilliant article to understand the far-reaching impact of our choices today. Under-the-skin surveillance vs citizen empowerment. Isolation vs solidarity.
Lasting impacts of COVID-19 on gastroenterology (Healio Gastroenterology)
A really short video interview with Dr. Paul Sepe on the short, medium and long-term impact of COVID-19.
Endoscopy in inflammatory bowel diseases during the COVID-19 pandemic and post-pandemic period (The Lancet)
Different scenarios in which endoscopy should still be performed urgently in patients with IBD. Includes a flow-chart for suspected diagnosis of IBD.
COVID-19 opens unexpected rifts between health care workers (STAT)
On the ground insight from a physician how mistrust can seep in amongst physicians and staff.
Financial woes for GI practices in the face of COVID-19 (Medscape)
“Naturally, this has been devastating,” Dr. Bulsiewicz said in an interview. “That practice model was upended in a matter of 2 weeks.”
Telemedicine is essential amid the COVID-19 crisis and after it (The Economist)
Excellent op-ed by Dr. Eric Topol. How our digital tools can help us stay connected with patients.
COVID-19 is a watershed moment for digital gastroenterology (NextServices)
Don’t miss this insightful interview with Dr. Atreja, Chief Innovation Officer, Medicine, Mount Sinai. We are laying the foundation for digital health.
COVID-19: Is it all in your gut? (MDLinx)
Among patients presenting with gastrointestinal illness, symptoms included anorexia (78.6%), diarrhea (34.0%), vomiting (3.9%), and abdominal pain (2.0%).
How hospitals are using AI to battle COVID-19 (Harvard Business Review)
Online triaging tool. Intelligent robots. No-contact infrared sensor. AI-driven CT scanner. Apps to track quarantine zones. Plenty of things to lookup in this article.
From preparation to ramp-up: United Digestive shares its COVID-19 plans (Becker’s GI & Endoscopy)
Plans of PE-backed platform in Atlanta on how it’ll restart its practice.
CRH Medical receives nearly $3M in loans under COVID-19 relief act (Becker’s GI & Endoscopy)
Not surprisingly it’s a top article. We all want to know who got it first.
Almost half of med practices furloughing staff, 1 in 5 have layoffs: Survey (Medscape)
survey by MGMA projects that by May 8, if the COVID-19 situation hasn’t improved, 36% of practices will have laid off staff members, and 60% will have furloughed them.
Can smart thermometers track the spread of the coronavirus? (The New York Times)
This internet-connected thermometer is peaking in sales. It’s also predicting COVID-19 hotspots.
What will the world be like after coronavirus? Four possible futures (The Conversation)
Another well-thought through article to understand the big-picture. Four scenarios from state capitalism, barbarism, State socialism, and Mutual aid.
How will coronavirus change the healthcare industry? (National Review)
This has altered the course of history in the world, this has changed American life and global life.
Smartphone technology taking a big role in COVID-19 testing (Forbes)
Can you use your phone to ID coronavirus? Sanofi and Luminostics are developing a swab-yourself coronavirus test.

BIG PICTURE (net-net: it’s going to be long):
The Coronavirus in America: The Year Ahead (The New York Times)


More Hot Headlines for GI
Interview with Dr. Dragutsky, Chairman of One GI: Doing a PE deal during COVID-19 (NextServices)
Top stories in gastroenterology: COVID-19 insights from New York GI, PPE recommendations for GI procedures (Healio Primary Care)
How to sanitize N95 masks for reuse: NIH study (Medscape)
Webinar | Endoscopy during COVID-19 pandemic: The equipment journey from patient to patient (Pentax Medical – YouTube)
Joint GI Society Message on Endoscopes During COVID-19 – Management of Endoscopes, Endoscope Reprocessing, and Storage Areas during the COVID-19 Pandemic: April 13th, 2020 (ACG)
Paycheck Protection Program loan calculator For medical practices (NextServices)
COVID-19 stimulus small business loans: 3 trends on delivery time, rate & more (Becker’s GI & Endoscopy)
Google opens up healthcare API to fight COVID-19 (Healthcare Drive)
Opening Up America Again (The White House)
Jerry Tillinger, CEO of US Digestive Health on the COVID-19 disruption (NextServices)


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