Curated GI articles August 12th, 2022: Digital GI startup launches with $10.5M | BMS bets up to $1.9 billion for IBD | A $10 million GI malpractice trial

Curated GI articles August 12th, 2022: Digital GI startup launches with $10.5M | BMS bets up to $1.9 billion for IBD | A $10 million GI malpractice trial

Curated GI articles August 12th, 2022:
Digital GI startup launches with $10.5M | BMS bets up to $1.9 billion for IBD | A $10 million GI malpractice trial
Greg O’Grady, CEO Of Alimetry: “As Clinicians, Some Of Our Skills May Become Relatively Obsolete” (NextServices)
In this episode of The Scope Forward Show, Praveen Suthrum interviews Greg O’Grady. In the interview, Professor Greg O’Grady reaffirms how exponential technologies could make current clinical skills relatively obsolete.
Physicians warned of the pitfalls behind private equity promises (AMA)
PE funds can help spur innovations or provide stable funding, but investor expectations for a quick return on investment may clash with a practice’s long-term sustainability.
Digital gastrointestinal care startup Salvo Health launches with $10.5M (Mobi Health News)
The company offers a virtual clinic for people with chronic gut conditions like irritable bowel syndrome and gastroesophageal reflux disease.
ACG updates gastroparesis guidelines for diagnosis, treatment amid ‘ongoing innovation’ (Healio)
The American College of Gastroenterology has issued a new guideline for the diagnosis and management of gastroparesis.
BMS Bets up to $1.9 Billion on GentiBio’s Treg Platform for IBD (Biospace)
Bristol Myers Squibb is doubling down on treating the condition with a nearly $2 billion partnership with GentiBio to develop Treg therapies for patients with IBD.
Virgo and Satisfai Health Bring AI to Life in Gastroenterology (Newswire)
The exclusive partnership enables advanced AI-fueled video capture, decision support, and clinical research tools for endoscopists worldwide.
Medtronic’s Dr. Austin Chiang discusses Amazon partnership, cancer screening equity
(Becker’s GI & Endoscopy)
Dr. Chiang is hopeful that Medtronic, and other GI practices, will continue to embrace AI and collaborations with “unconventional partners” like Amazon web services to continue to improve the field.
GI Doc’s Malpractice Lawyer Gloats at Win, Then Puts Foot in Mouth (Medscape)
During the closing arguments in a $10 million malpractice trial, attorney Robert McKenna III told jurors the claims against his client, a gastroenterologist, were baseless and equivalent to “extortion.”
AI system diagnoses IBD more effectively than human experts: Study (Becker’s GI & Endoscopy)
The AI tool was able to make diagnoses with 64.5 percent sensitivity, 89.5 percent specificity and 80.6 percent accuracy.
Commonwealth Diagnostics International (CDI) Named Among the Top Healthcare Technology Companies of 2022 (CDI)
CDI is an innovative GI health company providing diagnostic tests and tools to help physicians identify and diagnose common sources of digestive distress.
The U.S. Physician Shortage Is Only Going to Get Worse. Here Are Potential Solutions (TIME)
America is experiencing a physician shortage, and it’s only expected to get worse—a concerning situation that could lead to poorer health outcomes for many patients.
Gastroenterologists’ Urgency in Treating Celiac Disease Increases as the Number of Viable Pipeline Candidates Dwindles, According to Spherix Global Insights (PR Newswire)
Spherix recently surveyed 100 US gastroenterologists and conducted eight qualitative interviews to assess the current and future management of celiac disease.
Patient advocate Melodie Narain-Blackwell founder of (The Scope with Dr. K)
Dr. Lawrence Kosinski sits down with Melodie Narain-Blackwell, a passionate health advocate, educator, mobilizer, and the founder of Color of Crohn’s & Chronic Illness.
Higher ADR continues to show ‘strong, consistent’ link with lower interval CRC (MDedge)
Higher adenoma detection rates (ADR) during colonoscopies were associated with lower rates of interim colorectal cancer (CRC), and the relationship held true along a broad range of ADR values.
Podcast: Diagnosing Gastrointestinal Conditions with the Hydrogen Breath Test (Reach MD)
Dr. Peter Buch takes an in-depth look at breath testing with Dr. Mark Pimentel, Professor of Medicine at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA and Associate Professor at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center.
Crypt Dysplasia in Barrett’s Esophagus: An Update (GI & Endoscopy News)
Endoscopic surveillance of Barrett’s esophagus can help diagnose cellular changes and prevent progression to esophageal adenocarcinoma.
Hepatologists, gastroenterologists lead NASH diagnosis yet ‘underdiagnosis’ persists (Healio)
Gastroenterologists and hepatologists were leaders in NASH diagnosis and viewed as primary coordinators of care, but the condition is still underdiagnosed and undertreated.
120 gastroenterologists to know | 2022 (Becker’s GI & Endoscopy)
The list compiled by Becker’s Healthcare highlights 120 gastroenterologists who provide critical services, expand technologies and grow their fields.

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COVID-19: The Way Forward for Gastroenterology Practices
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