Curated GI articles August 26th, 2022: GI remains solid investment option | Blood test for 50 cancers | Pros/cons of large GI groups

Curated GI articles August 26th, 2022: GI remains solid investment option | Blood test for 50 cancers | Pros/cons of large GI groups

Curated GI articles August 26th, 2022:
GI remains solid investment option | Blood test for 50 cancers | Pros/cons of large GI groups
The benefits, drawbacks of gastroenterologists joining large groups: 1 CEO’s perspective
(Becker’s GI & Endoscopy)
Jerry Tillinger, CEO of U.S. Digestive Health in Exton, Pa., spoke with Becker’s to discuss what larger organizations have to offer gastroenterologists.
Medicare Reimbursement – Is the Process Rigged Against Physicians? (ACG)
ACG Legislative & Public Policy Council Chair Dr. Louis Wilson discusses Medicare cuts & possible changes to the Medicare Economic Index, affecting pts & GI practices.
Your biggest questions about private equity investment in physician practices, answered (Advisory Board)
As PE becomes an even more compelling capital partner for practices, the Advisory Board team answers some of the biggest unanswered questions about this investment trend.
Medical Malpractice and Gastrointestinal Endoscopy (Medscape)
The review explores trends in malpractice facing gastroenterologists and offers strategies to deliver high-quality and safe patient care.
Gastroenterology remains ‘solid, steady’ investment option (Becker’s GI & Endoscopy)
Gastroenterology and urology remain steady investment opportunities in 2022, according to an Aug. 14 article in JDSupra from the law firm Bass, Berry & Sims.
New guidance: NAFLD management for lean patients (AGA)
Experts share 15 pieces of best practice advice for managing NAFLD in lean individuals, who are at increased risk of cardiovascular, liver and all-cause mortality.
VIDEO: Recognize generational differences to foster connection, retention in GI practice (Healio)
Anne Marie Lennon, MD, PhD, FASGE, discusses how to attract and retain the next generation of gastroenterologists as the specialty faces ongoing physician shortages.
Comparison of Colonoscopy, Fecal Immunochemical Test, and Risk-adapted Approach in a CRC Screening Trial (CGH Journal)
Directing people to either stool tests or colonoscopies based on their risk factors offers a viable alternative to screening for colorectal cancer, researchers say.
Mayo Clinic study shows AI may improve prediction of colorectal cancer recurrence (EurekAlert)
In a multinational study led by a Mayo Clinic research team using artificial intelligence (AI), investigators developed an algorithm to improve the prediction of colorectal cancer recurrence.
Barrett’s Neoplasia Often Missed (GI & Endoscopy News)
“Just like colon lesions can be missed after colonoscopy, Barrett’s neoplasia can be missed after upper endoscopy. We know that these cancers and neoplasias are being missed at the index endoscopy,” Prateek Sharma, MD said.
Geneoscopy Completes Pivotal Colorectal Cancer Trial Enrollment with Diverse Participant Population (PR Newswire)
Geneoscopy Inc announced completed enrollment of the CRC-PREVENT pivotal trial for its noninvasive, at-home diagnostic screening test.
Phage combination therapy can precisely target IBD-related gut bacteria without harming helpful microbes (Microbiome Times)
For the first time, scientists have designed a phage combination therapy that can precisely target and suppress gut bacteria associated with inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD).
Assessing Gastroparesis & Functional Dyspepsia: Should We Use Gastric Emptying Tests? (Reach MD)
Gastric emptying tests may be used for assessing patients with symptoms, but is it time to discard these tests? Find out with Dr. Peter Buch as he speaks with Dr. Reena Chokshi, Assistant Professor at Baylor College of Medicine.
Discovering ERCP with Peter B. Cotton, MD (Gut Talk)
In this podcast episode, Peter B. Cotton, MD, professor of medicine at the Medical University of South Carolina, discusses the development and invention of the ERCP procedure, the innovation of digestive disease centers and more.
Blood Test for Cancer Available, but Is It Ready for Prime Time? (Medscape)
The Galleri blood test can detect up to 50 different cancers from a single blood draw, but there is concern among clinicians that widespread clinical use of the test may be premature.
Doctors pioneer non-invasive ‘string test’ for sedation-free upper gastrointestinal monitoring 
(Medical Xpress)
Children’s Hospital Colorado has announced a new, care-changing test designed by its physicians to monitor inflammation of the GI tract by painlessly collecting samples while the patient remains awake and alert.
San Diego Startup Turns To Custom Probiotics To Solve Health Issues (Forbes)
Gut health is the key to healing a lot of diseases, says Sunny Jain, founder of Sun Genomics, a San Diego-based health startup that makes customized probiotics for customers.
Digbi Health and Novo Nordisk pilot testing Genetic and Gut Microbiome-based Digital Solutions for Prevention of Obesity and Related Cardiometabolic Conditions (PR Newswire)
Digbi Health, leader in gut microbiome and genetic-based connected care solutions is enrolled in Novo Nordisk’s Global Prevention Accelerator Program.

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