Curated GI articles August 27th, 2021: CMS pays for 10 GI procedures at ASCs vs. HOPDs (Becker’s GI)

Curated GI articles August 27th, 2021: CMS pays for 10 GI procedures at ASCs vs. HOPDs (Becker’s GI)

Curated GI articles August 27th, 2021:
CMS pays for 10 GI procedures at ASCs vs. HOPDs (Becker’s GI)
International Physician Compensation Report 2021: Do US Doctors Have It Better? (Medscape)
Medscape’s US and International sites surveyed their Physician members to learn about salary, job satisfaction, and the impact of COVID 19 on Income.
6 pivotal growth opportunities for GI  (Becker’s GI & Endoscopy)
Five leaders in gastroenterology spoke with Becker’s ASC Review on what they see as the biggest opportunity for growth in ASCs.
CMS pays for 10 GI procedures at ASCs vs. HOPDs (Becker’s GI & Endoscopy)
CMS’ procedure price look-up tool allows users to compare average pay for several procedures in ASCs and hospital outpatient departments.
Physician pay remained stagnant while productivity slumped in 2020,  survey finds (Fierce Healthcare)
The survey by  AMGA Medical group reached nearly 400 medical groups representing more than 190,000 providers.
Podcast: Google’s Head of AI Talks About the Future of the EHR and Technology in Medicine  (Medscape)
Dr. Jeff Dean discussed his predictions for how EHRs will evolve in healthcare and some of Google’s current projects.
24% of hospitals expect GI demand to soon exceed provider capacity, survey says (Becker’s GI & Endoscopy)
21% of surveyed hospitals think telehealth is routinely leveraged in gastroenterology, according to a survey from management consulting firm McKinsey & Co.
Are hospital M&As helping or hurting healthcare’s digital health push? (eMarketer)
Healthcare M&As have been ramping up, especially as organizations look to build out their digital health capabilities—but it’s raising anti-competitive alarms.
63% of Q2 physician practice deals had private equity buyers (Becker’s ASC Review)
Bass Berry & Sims published a report in JDSupra, a legal analysis publication, outlining deals for the first half of 2021.
3 key issues in gastroenterology (Becker’s GI & Endoscopy)
Three GI leaders on some of the biggest issues in the industry as compiled by Becker’s.
Colorectal surgery during pandemic linked to worse outcomes in COVID-19 negative patients  (Healio)
According to a study published in the Journal of Gastrointestinal Surgery, worse outcomes were seen in COVID-19 negative patients who underwent colorectal surgery during the pandemic.
Private equity firm acquires ASC in $7.6M deal (Becker’s ASC Review)
An unnamed private equity group purchased an ophthalmology clinic and ASC in Louisiana for $7.65 million.
Podcast: IBD & COVID-19: How to Manage Patients Amid the Pandemic (ReachMD)
Dr. Peter Buch addresses important questions with Dr. Asher Kornbluth, Clinical Professor of Medicine and Gastroenterology at Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York
Microbiome Startups Promise to Improve Your Gut Health, but Is the Science Solid? (Medscape)
Startups are charging consumers hundreds of dollars, but is there enough research to show that it’s actually working?
ASC’s budget 3% staff pay raises in 2021 + 5 other benefits (Becker’s ASC Review)
According to the ASC Association’s 2021 Salary & Benefits Survey, ASCs are focused on staff recruiting, retention, salary increases, and additional benefits this year.
Q&A: Determining the gut microbiome’s impact on psychiatric disorders (Healio)
Patients with psychiatric disorders including depression, bipolar disorder, and schizophrenia have significantly different gut microbiomes.
GI Alliance in 2021: 5 updates (Becker’s GI & Endoscopy)
Southlake, Texas-based GI Alliance has more than 500 locations and more than 600 physicians.  Here’s what the company has been up to in 2021.
What’s worrying GI leaders? (Beckers GI & Endoscopy)
Rising COVID-19 infections and subsequent delayed GI procedures are worrying gastroenterologists and GI executives.
74% of insurers are worried they won’t meet No Surprises Act requirements (Becker’s Payer Issues)
Respondents said they don’t know how they will obtain the provider estimates required for the AEOBs that the act requires.
New discovery enhances understanding of colorectal cancer (Medical University of South Carolina)
Researchers discovered a novel mechanism that shows a certain gene mutation can allow tumors to evade detection by the immune system in CRC patients.
Maternal obesity, weight gain increase risk for CRC among adult offspring (Healio)
In utero events – or events in early life – are important risk factors for CRC and may contribute to the alarming increase of CRC in young adults.
Cases From the Frontiers of Endoscopic Ultrasound in 2021 (Gastroenterology & Endoscopy News)
The frontiers of EUS are rapidly changing to include many new endoscopic tools and devices. Read More for case studies involving different techniques.
Capsule Endoscopy a Triage Tool for Endo Patients (Gastroenterology & Endoscopy News)
Video capsule endoscopy limits the amount of aerosolized virus particles to which physicians are exposed, and improves localization of GI bleeding compared with traditional endoscopy.

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Reducing burnout depends on changing the culture of medicine (Healio)

Fujifilm launches endoscopic video imaging tech (Bakersfield)

Google dismantles health division in strategy overhaul (Mobi Health News)

U.S. hospital patient volumes move back toward 2019 levels, McKinsey survey finds (Healthcare Finance)

Disparities in health care spending, outcomes persist in US, studies show (Healio)

Eight predictors of upper gastrointestinal bleeding after heart attack (Medical Express)

The biggest concern for ASCs today? The staffing crisis, says one clinician
(Becker’s ASC Review)

Some Antibiotics May Affect Immunogenicity in IBD Patients (Medcsape)

Videos: Interviews with GI Leaders  (NextServices)

COVID-19: The Way Forward for Gastroenterology Practices
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