Curated GI articles December 23rd, 2022: Olympus to takeover AI in GI startup for $80M | Freenome joins CRC liquid biopsy competitors

Curated GI articles December 23rd, 2022: Olympus to takeover AI in GI startup for $80M | Freenome joins CRC liquid biopsy competitors

Curated GI articles December 23rd, 2022:
Olympus to takeover AI in GI startup for $80M | Freenome joins CRC liquid biopsy competitors
What the omnibus bill means for GI (AGA)
The $1.7 trillion omnibus appropriations bill that Congress recently released contains positive news for GI.
SF Interview: “Physicians Are At The Epicenter Of Changing The Way We Live Our Lives” (NextServices)
Learn why (and how) AGA chose to go down the route of venture investing, why the market opportunity for GI is enormous, how to invest and participate in the GI Opportunity fund, and more in this exclusive Scope Forward interview.
Medicare and Insurance Policy Updates in 2023 Will Improve Cancer Screening Access by Removing Patient Colonoscopy Cost Following a Positive Cologuard Test (PR Newswire)
The policy changes require Medicare and most commercial insurers to pay for colonoscopy after a positive Cologuard® test without cost to the patient.
The biggest obstacles the gastroenterology industry faces (Becker’s GI & Endoscopy)
Shrujal Baxi, MD, chief medical officer at Iterative Health, discusses the biggest obstacles the gastroenterology industry faces today on a patient, provider and pharmaceutical level.
Olympus agrees to $80M takeover of artificial intelligence endoscopy startup Odin Vision (Medtech Dive)
Odin is a London-based developer of Caddie and Cadu, cloud-based AI systems that are designed to help detect and characterize cancerous and precancerous tissues during colonoscopies and gastroscopies.
Private Equity & Healthcare: Antitrust Enforcement In 2023–PE Roll-Ups In The Cross Hairs (Mondaq)
As we move into the new year, private equity firms engaging in healthcare transactions should take into account recent enforcement actions and guidance from the agencies.
Investing in the Future of Chronic Care Management in Gastroenterology (Becker’s GI & Endoscopy)
Allied Digestive Health’s Chief Medical Officer, Nadeem Baig, MD shares his insight on the benefits and future of chronic care management.
Freenome CEO Mike Nolan talks colorectal cancer test, clinical trials (Medtech Dive)
The San Francisco-based company recently enrolled in a clinical trial for its blood-based cancer test but faces competition in the market for minimally invasive cancer tests.
I asked a bunch of health-tech experts for their not boring ’23 predictions (Second Opinion)
A group of experts from different areas of the healthcare sector makes predictions about a specific aspect of their field including biosecurity, mission-critical tools, rising medical costs, and more.
Patients With Gastrointestinal Conditions Consider Telehealth Equivalent to In-Person Care (Gastro Journal)
The aim of this analysis was to compare patient experience with telehealth with in-person office visits across multiple community-based private gastroenterology practices.
AI versus other interventions for colonoscopy: How do they compare? (MDedge)
Colonoscopies with artificial intelligence demonstrate significantly better adenoma detection rates (ADRs) than most other endoscopic interventions, according to a new report.
Should You Quit Employment to Open a Practice? These Docs Share How They Did It (Medscape)
Last year, the American Medical Association found that, for the first time, less than half of all physicians work in private practice. But does employment mean happiness?
Cleveland Clinic gastroenterologist charged with assaulting patients (Becker’s GI & Endoscopy)
A Cleveland Clinic gastroenterologist accused of assaulting three patients during exams has been fired, a hospital spokesperson confirmed.
Virtual nurses, bots, AI: Digital health predictions for ’23 (Becker’s Healthcare)
A “headline-grabbing” health system/digital health company merger? Less digital health investment from hospitals? These are some of the digital health forecasts made by health system chief digital officers for 2023.
2022’s Top 10 Gastroenterology Publications (Medscape)
A list of 10 articles compiled by Medscape offers the greatest practice-changing implications, now and in the years to come.
US Digestive Health Announces Eight New Physician Hires (Benzinga)
The rapidly expanding practice has increased hiring in 2022-23 as patient demand for accessible, high-quality GI care continues to increase.
Gastro Health in 2022: 10 moves (Becker’s GI & Endoscopy)
Miami-based Gastro Health continued to expand in 2022, with 10 major industry moves and partnerships.
Airtel, Apollo, AWS carry out India’s first 5G-driven, AI-guided colonoscopy (Economic Times)
The AI-guided colonoscopy procedure helped in image processing in real-time, and will enable an “extra pair of eyes” for physicians and improves the detection rate of polyps.

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