Curated GI articles December 30th, 2021: 2022 to see more private equity-backed healthcare providers going public, report predicts (Becker’s)

Curated GI articles December 30th, 2021: 2022 to see more private equity-backed healthcare providers going public, report predicts (Becker’s)

Curated GI articles December 30th, 2021:
2022 to see more private equity-backed healthcare providers going public, report predicts (Becker’s)
2022 to see more private equity-backed healthcare providers going public, report predicts (Becker’s Hospital Review)
At least 10 private equity-backed healthcare providers in the U.S. will go public in 2022, up from six in 2021, according to a Pitchbook report.
Gastro Health in 2021: 11 updates (Becker’s GI & Endoscopy)
Miami-based Gastro Health had a strong year, adding nine practices and expanding its reach in Florida, Ohio and Virginia. Here were 11 Gastro Health moves in 2021.
The Year in Gastroenterology Literature: 11 Must-Reads (Medscape)
The article enlists the top GI literature articles in 2021 that have the greatest game-changing potential for clinical practices.
Artificial intelligence in polyp detection – where are we and where are we headed? (BPG)
Use of computer- aided detection (CADe) in colonoscopy has been shown to increase polyp compared to standard high-definition colonoscopy.
Gut microbiome research in 2021: a look back at the findings from the last 12 months (Gut Microbiota For Health)
The article enlists major advances in the role of the gut microbiome in maintaining health and helping manage gut and immune-related diseases.
High GI Spending Reveals Research, Public Health Need (Medscape)
GI, liver, and pancreatic diseases cost the U.S. health care system about $120B per year and account for approximately 250,000 annual deaths, according to an estimate from a recent analysis.
Gender-based pay inequity in gastroenterology (MDedge)
About 34 % of gastroenterology fellows are women, despite this equity in pay between male and female physicians has been unequal in many areas.
Over 212,500 Patients Affected by 2020 Email Account Breach at Florida Digestive Health Specialists (HIPAA Journal)
Florida Digestive Health Specialists has recently started notifying more than 212,000 patients that some of their protected health information has been exposed in a December 2020 cyberattack.
Biologic Therapies Are Lowering the Rate of Abdominal Surgeries for Crohn’s Disease (Cleaveland Clinic)
While biologics have shown to improve short-term outcomes, it has been difficult to show the long-term benefit of biologic therapy from standard trials.
Half of those with Corona remain symptomatic of the gastrointestinal tract (247 News Bulletin)
In a study conducted on 3,000 patients, it was found that 1 out of every 2 patients had at least 1 symptom related to stomach and intestinal disorders.
Larger Colorectal Polyps Can Be Removed Using Cold Snares (HospiMedica)
Large colorectal polyps (up to 15 mm in size) can be safely and effectively removed via cold snare polypectomy (CSP), according to a new study.
G-EYE Shines in Attachment Comparison For Colonoscopy (GI & Endoscopy News)
For improving the visibility of surface areas during colonoscopy and optimizing the examination, the G-EYE balloon device showed multiple advantages over the Endocuff Vision.
Intestinal ultrasound effectively measures bowel wall thickness, endoscopic disease (Healio)
A point-of-care intestinal ultrasound effectively assessed endoscopic disease severity through bowel wall thickness, according to a poster presentation.
The 8 biggest health care stories of 2021 (Advisory Board)
Experts reflect on 2021 to enlist the eight most important stories of the year, why they matter, and how to think about them moving forward.
How Oracle’s acquisition of Cerner is positive for providers (Healthcare Finance News)
The companies are looking to help healthcare professionals through digital tools and technology, expert says.
Multidisciplinary Clinics May Be the Best Option for Functional GI Disorders (MedPage Today)
A recent study evaluated in a randomized design compared a multidisciplinary care model with the standard-of-care model on a variety of health-related patient-reported outcomes and cost-effectiveness metrics.
AI system improves early gastric cancer detection (MDedge)
An artificial intelligence (AI) system called “ENDOANGEL” was effective for real-time monitoring of endoscopic “blind spots” and improved detection of early gastric cancer.
What’s new in gastroenterology and hepatology (UpToDate)
The article enlists important updates that were considered by the editors and authors to be of particular interest in 2021.

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Three questions with Scrubs & Heels (Healio)

Advancing health equity for Medicaid beneficiaries by adding colorectal cancer screening to the CMS Adult Core Set (AGA)

Approach to the Management of Recently Diagnosed IBD Patients: A User’s Guide for Adult and Pediatric Gastroenterologists (PubMed)

Colorectal Cancer Surgery Outcomes Unaffected by General Anesthetic
(General Surgery News)

Study: High gluten intake does not lead to increased IBS symptoms (AJC)

New PET imaging-based tool detects liver inflammation from fatty liver disease (UC Davis Health)

Automated Bleeding Detection in Wireless Capsule Endoscopy Videos (Path Partner)

Videos: Interviews with GI Leaders  (NextServices)

COVID-19: The Way Forward for Gastroenterology Practices
COVID-19 is a double whammy of both clinical and business disruption. This ebook will help you explore possible scenarios and be a guide in your plans for the future.

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