Curated GI articles Jan 29th, 2021: Why PE platform United Digestive is taking the slow approach to growth

Curated GI articles Jan 29th, 2021: Why PE platform United Digestive is taking the slow approach to growth

Curated GI articles Jan 29th, 2021:
Why PE platform United Digestive is taking the slow approach to growth
Dr. Gene Overholt: “Always do the right thing. And the right thing is what’s best for the patient” (Interview)  (NextServices)
In this one-of-a-kind interview, Dr. Bergein Overholt walks us through his four-decade-long journey, reflects on the new technologies, private equity, and shares his views on alignment among physicians.
Scope Forward podcast – GB Pratt (CEO of ModifyHealth)  (Episode 13)
Listen to the interviews while on the move! Praveen Suthrum’s conversations with GI leaders are now available via the Scope Forward podcast on Apple PodcastsSpotify and elsewhere.
The tortoise & the hare: Why United Digestive is taking a slow and steady approach to growth (Becker’s GI & Endoscopy News)
In conversation with Mark Gilreath, CEO of United Digestive, and Neal C. Patel, MD, chief strategy officer of United Digestive.
Florida Digestive Health Specialists to open 26th location, 2nd opening during pandemic (Becker’s GI & Endoscopy)
Florida Digestive Health Specialists is the largest gastroenterology group in the state without private equity involvement.
Patients with IBD should receive COVID-19 vaccine, despite concerns (Healio)
Physicians should encourage patients with inflammatory bowel disease to get the COVID-19 vaccination despite lack of studies on the cohort.
Moving digital health forward: Lessons on business building  (McKinsey & Company)
Building a successful digital health business involves several strategic steps, as illustrated through the lens of six digital health start-ups.
Podcast: Burnout — how to spot it and take action (AGA)
Podcast hosts chat with Dr. Susan Reynolds on stress management, avoiding burnout, and tips to maintain your physical and mental wellness.
Podcast: ‘We’re Only Safe if We’re All Safe’: The Global COVID Vaccination Effort (Medscape)
Medicine and the Machine podcast hosted by Eric J. Topol, MD and Abraham Verghese, MD with Seth Berkley, MD, CEO of Gavi as their guest.
Exact Sciences provides grant for 1K Cologuard kits to Kentucky health department (Becker’s GI & Endoscopy)
The tests are available to residents in the state through the Kentucky Colon Cancer Screening Program.
IBD in Focus at UEG Week 2020  (Gastroenterology & Endoscopy News)
In this installment of “Expert Picks,” Manasi Agrawal, MD, highlights four abstracts on inflammatory bowel disease from the 2020 virtual United European Gastroenterology Week.
Texted Reminders Flop for Reducing Colonoscopy No-Shows (MedPage Today)
Automated text message reminders and instructions did not improve outpatient colonoscopy attendance and bowel preparation adherence versus usual care, according to results from a pragmatic randomized trial.
Gastroparesis: Then, Now, and the Future (ACG)
Henry P. Parkman, MD, FACG highlighted treatment options for gastroparesis, the pros and cons of treatments proposed to treat patients with medically refractory gastroparesis, and upcoming treatments for gastroparesis.
8 insights from Brigham and Women’s Dr. Linda Lee for GI practice success in 2021 (Becker’s GI & Endoscopy)
Linda Lee, MD, Medical Director of Endoscopy at Boston-based Brigham and Women’s Hospital, shared eight things Brigham and Women’s Hospital is executing in 2021 to have a successful year.
Virtual Reality Treatment Shows Promise For IBD, Abdominal Pain  (Gastroenterology & Endoscopy News)
Virtual reality aimed at easing stress may be an adjunctive therapy for children and adults with inflammatory bowel disease and other abdominal complaints, linked to significant reductions in pain and anxiety, researchers have found.
The 6 things shaping GI success in 2021 — Dr. Louis Wilson shares (Becker’s GI & Endoscopy)
Louis Wilson, MD,  managing partner of Wichita Falls (Texas) Gastroenterology shares six insights he thinks will be crucial for gastroenterology practices to achieve success in 2021.
Fighting the pandemic & getting ahead of its lasting effects — 3 insights from Dr. J. DeWayne Tooson (Becker’s GI & Endoscopy)
J. DeWayne Tooson, MD, president of Tuscaloosa-based GI Associates, shared insights into the lasting effect of the pandemic and what success will look like in 2021.
The Scope: The New York Times vs. Colonoscopy  (Gastroenterology & Endoscopy News)
Klaus Mergener, MD, PhD, MBA, the president of the American Society for Gastrointestinal Endoscopy, discusses the January 11, 2021, article in the New York Times on the virtues of FIT testing.
Video: Practice-Changing Pearls From New Diverticulitis Guidelines  (Medscape)
Dr David Johnson shares the need-to-know highlights from the AGA’s latest recommendations on diverticulitis.

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COVID-19: The Way Forward for Gastroenterology Practices
COVID-19 is a double whammy of both clinical and business disruption. This ebook will help you explore possible scenarios and be a guide in your plans for the future.

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