Curated GI articles January 27th, 2023: Connecticut GI Joins GI Alliance | ASC colonoscopy 2023 reimbursements

Curated GI articles January 27th, 2023: Connecticut GI Joins GI Alliance | ASC colonoscopy 2023 reimbursements

Curated GI articles January 27th, 2023:
Connecticut GI Joins GI Alliance | ASC colonoscopy 2023 reimbursements
GI Alliance Expands to East Coast with Connecticut GI Partnership (PR Newswire)
GI Alliance has announced a partnership with Connecticut GI, expanding GI Alliance’s presence into the Northeast and its 15th state.
Broadening Horizons: Why Gastroenterologists Should Consider a Career in Obesity Medicine
(Springer Nature)
In this paper, we will make the case for choosing a career in obesity medicine for GI fellows and practitioners.
Tips for getting involved with industry (MDedge)
This article offers a variety of ways that gastroenterologists can engage with the industry to achieve a mutually beneficial relationship.
EndoSound® Receives Investment From AGA’s GI Opportunity Fund (Business Wire)
EndoSound was granted Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Breakthrough Device designation in July 2021.
Is It Time for a More Personalized Approach to CRC Screening? (Medscape)
A new study confirms that the 10-year screening colonoscopy interval is safe and could even be extended in some adults at average risk for CRC.
How colonoscopy reimbursement is expected to change for ASCs in 2023 (Becker’s GI & Endoscopy)
Medicare ASC payments for colonoscopies with lesion removals and colonoscopies and biopsies are expected to increase in 2023, according to VMG Health’s “ASCs in 2022: A Year in Review” report.
Computer-Assisted Detection and Diagnosis Can Improve ADR, Reduce Costs (GI & Endoscopy News)
The incorporation of computer-assisted detection and diagnosis in colonoscopy can improve ADR. But can technology replace endoscopist training?
Should you sell your medical practice to a private equity group? (Medical Economics)
Healthcare practitioners are feeling the squeeze. Does staying small make sense for your practice anymore?
Sanofi, CytoReason expand AI deal into IBD (Pharmaphorum)
Tech company CytoReason has announced it has signed a multi-year, multimillion dollar deal with Sanofi to deliver AI for drug discovery and development in the field of IBD.
Smartwatches, wearable technology ‘may hold promise’ to identify, predict IBD flare (Healio)
Wrist-horn smart watches and wearable technology that monitors heart rate variability may help identify and predict flares of IBD.
Michigan Medicine gastroenterologist no longer works at university amid falsified data allegations (Becker’s GI & Endoscopy)
Chung Owyang, MD, a former gastroenterology researcher at Ann Arbor-based Michigan Medicine allegedly falsified data in multiple publications.
For This Physician, Retirement Is An Opportunity (Next Avenue)
A retired gastroenterologist tells of being a mentor to pre-med students, and what he and the students have gained from their discussions about the profession.
Is Food Sensitivity Testing a Scam? (NY Times)
Food sensitivity tests promise to supply answers. But do these tests work? Here’s what the experts have to say.
The Impact of Cascading Accountability on Specialty Practices: Time for a Nested Solution (CGH Journal)
Understand the perspective of the authors on the direction gastroenterology needs to take and why it cannot be a standalone solution, but rather needs to be integrated within other solutions.
Only Half of Folks With Stool Test Positive for Colon Cancer Get Follow-Up Colonoscopy (The Independent)
Many people undergo a stool test to screen for colon cancer but a new study finds too few follow up with a colonoscopy when that test warns of a possible cancer.
AI doctor will see you now: ChatGPT takes medical exams (Cyber News)
A group of researchers had the viral chatbot take the same US medical licensing exams as aspiring doctors. It performed “comfortably within the passing range,” they said.
Can Tech Giants Take Over Healthcare? (The Medical Futurist)
Could tech giants just take over healthcare? Here is a list of relevant factors you need to consider when thinking about what will happen in the next decade.
5 IBD updates from the 2023 Crohn’s & Colitis Congress® (AGA)
Less restrictive diets for Crohn’s disease, preoperative use of biologics, ultrasounds to monitor UC and more.

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SF Interview- Jactel: “Being patient centered is different than being patient driven” (NextServices)

Young doctors are earning more. Will it be enough? (MDLinx)

Microbiome startup cuts 95% of remaining staff in 3rd layoff in 9 months (Boston Business Journal)

AGA risk assessment tool aids patient, physician decision-making for Crohn’s therapy (Healio)

Geneoscopy completes PMA filing for colorectal cancer home test (BioWorld)

FDA approves drug for treatment-resistant metastatic colorectal cancer (Becker’s GI & Endoscopy)

Virginia lawmakers push to cover cancer screenings costs, honors late local delegate (WSET)

Pediatric Gastroenterology: Physician Burnout (Physician’s Weekly)

Gastroenterology and Urology for Certified Medical Scribe Professionals (PR Newswire)

Videos: Interviews with GI Leaders  (Scope Forward Show/NextServices)in GI

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