Curated GI articles July 8th, 2022: 7 step plan for value based GI care | Microbiome co beyond fecal transplants | Future of CRC screening

Curated GI articles July 8th, 2022: 7 step plan for value based GI care | Microbiome co beyond fecal transplants | Future of CRC screening

Curated GI articles July 8th, 2022:
7 step plan for value based GI care | Microbiome co beyond fecal transplants | Future of CRC screening
3 gastroenterology trends to watch (Becker’s GI & Endoscopy)
Bill Snyder, CEO of digital health company Vivante Health, spoke with Becker’s to discuss the gastroenterology trends he is monitoring.
Scope Forward Show: Patient Demand Is So High For GI Psych – Dr. Riehl (Michigan) And Dr. Simons (Cleveland Clinic) (NextServices)
Praveen Suthrum interviews GI psychologists Dr. Megan Elizabeth Riehl and Dr. Madison Simons. GI Psychology is essential, especially for GI conditions that don’t have straightforward solutions. Find out more in this interview.
A Smartphone Application Using Artificial Intelligence Is Superior To Subject Self-Reporting When Assessing Stool Form (AJG)
An artificial intelligence-based smartphone application can assess visual stool characteristics with higher accuracy than patients and performs on par with GIs.
How to make value-based GI care a reality: A 7-step plan (SonarMD)
10 experts in GI care share their knowledge for managing the transition to new payment models.
Practices better off with strategic partner, not just a banker (Healio)
Michael L. Weinstein, President & CEO of Capital Digestive Care shares why they did not go the route of private equity, instead choosing the route of a strategic partner.
The Accidental GastroPsychologist: Building A Business From Behavior Support (In Vivo)
Laurie Keefer (co-founder of digital GI co Trellus Health) talks about her journey so far and how she, and her other female leadership team, intend to scale up their offering.
Westcove Advises Digestive Disorders Associates in its Partnership with ARSA (Westcove Partners)
Abe M’Bodj of Westcove comments, “We are ecstatic that Dr. Epstein and his partners were able to partner with a first-class organization like Gastro Health.
US Digestive Health Launches the Largest Installation of Artificial Intelligence Systems for CRC Screening in the United States (News Direct)
The GI Genius™ intelligent endoscopy module shows a 50% reduction in missed colorectal polyps with AI technology versus standard colonoscopy.
Cambridge microbiome company looks beyond fecal transplants (The Boston Globe)
Vedanta Biosciences will use its new manufacturing facility to make bacteria-filled pills that heal the gut microbiome without the need for stool donors.
Why so many doctors are quitting, in 4 charts (Advisory Board)
A survey from CHG Healthcare found that almost half of physicians changed jobs during the pandemic in search of work-life balance.
Imaging in inflammatory bowel disease: current and future perspectives (BMJ)
This review will aim to focus on imaging modalities that are viable to be used as repeated measures of disease activity.
Increase Adenoma Detection Rate To Decrease Interval Cancer (Inside Perspectives)
Gastroenterologists discuss the importance of quality indicators in clinical practice and how the use of artificial intelligence might change the physician and patient experience.
Future of Colorectal Cancer Screening: From One-Size-FITs-All to Tailor-Made (Frontiers)
The article provides an overview of the developments in risk models for CRC screening and discusses some of the obstacles that need to be overcome.
United Digestive, GI Alliance and more: 10 industry updates (Becker’s GI & Endoscopy)
The article lists 10 updates on gastroenterology companies Becker’s reported on during the second quarter of 2022.
Updated ACG Guidelines on Management of Barrett’s Esophagus (GI & Endoscopy News)
GEN’s Sarah Tilyou spoke with lead author Nicholas J. Shaheen, MD, MPH, the chief of the Division of GI and Hepatology at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, about the impetus for the guidelines and what they mean to GI practice.
What explains poor adherence to eosinophilic esophagitis therapy? (MDedge)
Almost half of the adult patients with eosinophilic esophagitis (EoE) reported poor adherence to long-term medical and dietary therapy, with ages younger than 40 years.
Updates in Telemedicine for Gastroenterology Practices in the United States (Clinical GI & Hepatology)
The article provides an overview of the recently published literature on telehealth use in gastroenterology (GI) and hepatology practices and discusses key issues that impact sustainability.
Common Endoscopic Procedure Needs Improved Quality Indicators (Medscape)
One of the most common procedures in GI – esophagogastroduodenoscopy (EGD) – needs to consistently meet quality measures, but data on interventions to improve them is lacking.
Will ESD replace EMR for large colorectal polyps? (AGA)
Drs. Bayudan, Munroe and Tewani discuss whether the benefits of ESD outweigh costs in time, money and training.
Micro-Tech Endoscopy Partners with Wision A.I. to Distribute its AI-assisted Polyp Detection Software in the U.S. (Business Wire)
Micro-Tech will be the U.S. GI endoscopy distributor of EndoScreener, an AI-assisted polyp detection software used during colonoscopy procedures.

More Hot headlines in GI
Scope Forward Show: “It’s crazy that we record 4K videos with our iPhones but don’t capture data of our most precious asset – our body” (NextServices)

4th Global Gastroenterology & Artificial Intelligence Summit (ASGE)

ACG 2022 Annual Scientific Meeting & Postgraduate Course (ACG)

FDA Grants Accelerated Approval for GIST Combination Therapy (Rare Disease Advisor)

DeepGI – A Thai Innovation for the Precision in Colorectal Polyp Detection (Yahoo Finance)

Study Pinpoints Best Predictor of When Reflux Symptoms Don’t Require PPI (Medscape)

New method improves diagnosis of fatty liver disease (EurekAlert)

CEND-1 Offers Hope in Advanced Pancreatic Cancer (MedPage Today)

Open-Label Placebo Shows Significant Benefit for Pediatric Abdominal Pain (GI & Endoscopy News)

VIDEO: Stelara can safely be used long-term to benefit patients with UC, Crohn’s (Healio)

Cleveland Clinic performs multi-digestive-organ transplant to treat rare cancer (Becker’s GI & Endoscopy)

Top 10 Reasons Doctors Fear Digital Health (GI Health)

New Study Sheds Light on Why Opioids Can Cause Gastrointestinal Problems (ReachMD)

Amazon healthcare moves: 10 things for ASCs to know (Becker’s ASC)

No Outbreak, No Problem? Duodenoscopes May Still Harbor Contamination
(Single-Use Endoscopy)

Videos: Interviews with GI Leaders  (NextServices)

COVID-19: The Way Forward for Gastroenterology Practices
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