Curated GI articles June 24th, 2022: PE creates uncertainty | $19M, $7M for GI startups | GI sixth wealthiest

Curated GI articles June 24th, 2022: PE creates uncertainty | $19M, $7M for GI startups | GI sixth wealthiest

Curated GI articles June 24th, 2022:
PE creates uncertainty | $19M, $7M for GI startups | GI sixth wealthiest
Gemelli Biotech to work on gastrointestinal diseases with new $19M funding (Labiotech)
Funding will accelerate the commercialization of Gemelli’s Trio-smart® and IBS-smart® precision diagnostic tests for IBS and SIBO, and its strategies for gastrointestinal discoveries related to the microbiome.
Private equity creates ‘big uncertainty’ in gastroenterology, physician says (Becker’s GI & Endoscopy)
As private equity’s influence in healthcare continues to grow, its effect on the gastroenterology industry remains murky.
SF Interview: Why GI doc left lucrative practice for startup (NextServices)
In this episode of The Scope Forward Show, Praveen Suthrum interviews Fehmida Chipty, MD, COO of digital health startup NovoLiver on why she left her thriving GI practice.
Gut health platform Cara Care raises $7m (Sifted)
The digital health platform builds a personalised treatment plan, and users can chat with dieticians, track their food and take quizzes to better understand their conditions.
Mergers, policy advocacy, GI fellowships, and more: DDW 2022 (Gastro Broadcast)
Dr. Michael Weinstein interviews Dr. Nadeem Baig, VP and CMO of Allied Digestive Health over various issues affecting independent GI.
Gastroenterologist wealth: 3 report takeaways (Becker’s GI & Endoscopy)
Gastroenterology is the sixth wealthiest specialty, according to Medscape’s Physician Wealth & Debt Report 2022.
2022 Physician Report: Top 10 issues facing physicians this year (Medical Economics)
While the top issues physicians identified remained similar to previous years, new challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic and the Great Resignation were felt by practices.
The Risk of PPI Therapy: What’s the Real Story?​ (ACG)
Dr. Paul Moayyedi interpreted the latest evidence vis a vis PPI risks and benefits and discussed best practice recommendations for clinical use.
New AGA guidelines: A targeted approach to IBS-C and IBS-D treatment (AGA)
The newest clinical guidelines by AGA outline when to use which IBS drug based on your patients’ symptoms.
What private practice physicians need to know about prior authorization (Becker’s ASC Review)
“In 36 years, I can only recall one time I could not get the test approved I wanted,” says gastroenterologist Carl Dettwiler, MD, find out why?
New Standards to Reduce Polyp Recurrence (GI & Endoscopy News)
Endoscopic submucosal dissection and endoscopic mucosal resection with margin ablation should be considered standards of care to reduce recurrence after endoscopic resection of large colorectal polyps.
Scrubs & Heels: How an Organization Aims to Close Gender Disparities in GI (Reach MD)
Drs. Aline Charabaty and Anita Afzali join Dr. Neil Nandi to discuss Scrubs & Heels’ mission and how we can close gender disparities and promote women in the field of gastroenterology.
Obesity in GI Care: Coverage and Reimbursement (Inside Scope)
In this episode, hosts Drs. Andres Acosta and Octavia Pickett-Blakely discuss the role of the GIs and hepatologists,  advanced practice providers (APP), and others in a care team for obesity management.
Evidence-based study shows how hypnotherapy provides positive outcomes for IBS patients (News Medical)
Apart from medication, overseas studies have pointed out that a variety of alternative therapies (including hypnotherapy) show their effectiveness on various levels.
Liquid biopsy identifies who can skip chemo after colon cancer surgery (Reuters)
Early colon cancer patients who have circulating tumor DNA detected in blood may need more aggressive treatment, but people who have a negative liquid biopsy appear to be safe in avoiding chemotherapy.
Doctors Prefer Colonoscopy, But Average-Risk Adults Don’t (GI & Endoscopy News)
For CRC screening, physicians prefer colonoscopy, but average-risk adults would likely choose blood tests or at-home stool tests if given the choice.
CapsoVision and Gastrologix Announce Agreement to Provide the World’s Only Capsule Endoscopy System with a 360° Panoramic View for GPO Members (CapsoVision)
CapsoCam Plus® is the only small bowel capsule endoscopy system in the world with a 360° panoramic view, to hundreds of gastroenterology offices and clinical end-users.
MRI index can predict postop recurrence in Crohn disease (Medical Xpress)
A magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) index has been developed and validated for predicting postoperative recurrence (POR) in Crohn disease (CD), according to a study.
COVID-19 shutdown ‘magnified the disparities’ among patients with GI bleeding (Healio)
Although fewer patients visited the emergency department for gastrointestinal bleeding during the pandemic, cases were more severe and disproportionately worse among underrepresented groups, according to a study.
Ditching Pre-Colonoscopy Visits Reaches More for Screening (GI & Endoscopy News)
To capture patients who find the traditional two-visit colonoscopy process too onerous, some practices have implemented “fast-track” colonoscopy programs.

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