Curated GI articles March 10th, 2023: The future of GI care | Would a smart toilet leak private info?

Curated GI articles March 10th, 2023: The future of GI care | Would a smart toilet leak private info?

Curated GI articles March 10th, 2023:
The future of GI care | Would a smart toilet leak private info?
Payers may unintentionally be driving independent gastroenterologists to hospitals (Becker’s GI & Endoscopy)
Robert Pecha, MD, president of Gastroenterology Medical Clinic in Folsom, Calif., discusses his difficulties communicating with payers as a small, independent gastroenterology practice.
UK Cancer Detection Firm CanSense Raises £1.5M for Development of Colorectal Cancer Test (360Dx)
CanSense’s test is a blood-based assay that uses laser spectroscopy and artificial intelligence to identify early-stage colorectal cancer and precancerous polyps.
Podcast: Electrical mapping of the stomach! (GI StartUp Podcast)
Greg O’Grady, MD, founder and CEO of Alimetry on non-invasive mapping of gastric electrical activity to aid in Dx and Rx of gastric disorders.
The Future of GI Care (Titans of Healthcare)
What does the future of GI care look like? How will advancements in healthcare policies and technology, including AI, impact the GI community? Four GI leaders share their insights.
Healthcare’s Great Untethering: Why doctors, nurses and therapists are ditching full-time employment (LinkedIn)
What would happen if more and more clinicians chose not to have a full-time job and instead pursued contract work and self-employment? This LinkedIn Special Report tracks the rise in the number of doctors, nurses, and mental health therapists who are doing just that.
Digestive and Liver Health Specialists Opens State-of-the-Art Gastroenterology Care In 3 New Locations in Tennessee (EIN Newswires)
Led by double board-certified physicians Dr. Stephanie Pointer and Dr. Saras Sharma, the practice offers patients expert and compassionate care for all GI and liver diseases.
Are Physicians With MBAs Traitors to Healthcare? (MedPage Today)
Arthur Lazarus, MD, MBA shares his opinions on the great MD/MBA debate.
Salvo launches first-ever Remote Patient Monitoring enablement for GI chronic conditions (Salvo Health)
Salvo Health announces the first-to-market RPM offering for GI chronic conditions, including IBS, GERD/reflux, dyspepsia, Celiac, SIBO, and more to optimize clinical outcomes and boost practices for participating partners.
‘Follow the money’: 13 leaders on management trends in 2023 (Becker’s ASC)
Kevin Seely. CEO, Centers for Gastroenterology (Fort Collins, Colo.), and 12 healthcare leaders discuss how leadership structure at ASCs, hospitals and health systems could be affected by the evolving healthcare landscape.
Clario, GI Reviewers and RSIP Vision Team Up to Present a New AI Solution to Advance Clinical Trials for Inflammatory Bowel Diseases (PR Newswire)
Innovative, human-level AI technology will improve efficiency and consistency of Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) scoring, advancing clinical trials of novel treatments for these debilitating ailments.
Biomerica announces the Launch of InFoods IBS as a Laboratory Developed Test (LDT); First patient samples have been processed (Globe Newswire)
Clinical trial data shows InFoods® IBS treatment diet significantly improved several key IBS symptoms including Abdominal Pain Intensity (API).
Pros and Cons of Breath Testing for Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth and Intestinal Methanogen Overgrowth (Gastroenterology & Hepatology)
Like any clinical test, breath testing has inherent strengths and limitations, and results must be interpreted with consideration of the clinical context and influencing factors.
AI-Assisted Colonoscopy in IBD: Not All It’s Cut Out to Be? (Medscape)
Within the rising tide of studies extolling the benefits of artificial intelligence (AI) for improving adenoma detection during colonoscopy comes new research suggesting the contrary, at least among people with IBD.
The Amazon-One Medical, CVS-Oak Street Mashup: A Cautionary Note On Retail’s Incursion Into Healthcare Delivery (Forbes)
The deals could transform the industry and the patient experience, but they could also be disastrous and highly-public failures.
Small Talk, Big Topics tackles how to develop clinical expertise (AGA)
Small Talk, Big Topics hosts Drs. Matthew Whitson and CS Tse examine how to become a clinical expert with guests Drs. Rena Yadlapati and Frank Scott.
Oshi Health Takes Top Honors at ATA Telehealth Innovators Challenge For Its Proven, Reimbursed Digestive Care Model (PR Web)
Oshi doubles down with people’s choice wins for Best in Show and the Inpatient Care Solutions category.
Would a smart toilet leak your private info? (Futurity)
Smart toilets could detect disease early, but squeamishness and privacy concerns could impede their use.
Emotional, behavioral barriers decrease FIT-based CRC screening by up to 47% (Healio)
Defensive strategies, such as denying immediacy of testing or exempting oneself, are key barriers to at-home colorectal cancer screening, according to study results published in Cancer.


Reported HIPAA complaints and breaches shot up from 2017 to 2021: HHS (The Hill)

Exclusive: Ryse Health draws $6.5M Series A for hybrid diabetes care (Axios)

AMSURG Performs More Than 1 Million Colonoscopies in 2022, Helping Prevent Colorectal Cancer and Save Lives (Business Wire)

Oshi Health appoints new CFO, CCO (Becker’s GI & Endoscopy)

Racial and ethnic disparities persist in colorectal cancer screening (Healio)

Artificial intelligence for the histological prediction of ulcerative colitis remission (News Medical)

Welcome new AGA board members! (AGA)

Biden seeks to extend solvency of Medicare to 2050s (Healio)

How telehealth can save providers’ sanity and keep them in the profession (Health Data Management)

We took ChatGPT in for a Clinical NLP checkup (Medium)

Key Takeaways From the 2023 Healthcare Private Equity and Finance Conference (Lexology)

Videos: Interviews with GI Leaders  (Scope Forward Show/NextServices)

COVID-19: The Way Forward for Gastroenterology Practices
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