Curated GI articles May 13th, 2022: GI revenue hits 2 year high | Smart toilets | Closing gender gap in GI

Curated GI articles May 13th, 2022: GI revenue hits 2 year high | Smart toilets | Closing gender gap in GI

Curated GI articles May 13th, 2022:
GI revenue hits 2 year high | Smart toilets | Closing gender gap in GI
Smart toilets: Next tool against diseases (Including COVID) (Medscape)
Bowel movements contain a veritable treasure trove of biomarkers that can uncover a wide array of conditions.
Treating GI conditions by addressing the enteric nervous system in the gut with Dr. Sameer Berry Oshi Health (Empowered Patient Radio)
Dr. Sameer Berry, CMO of Oshi Health shines light on the challenges patients face and the lack of effective treatments available from doctors for GI-related symptoms.
Where AI stands in gastroenterology today (Becker’s GI & Endoscopy)
The buzz about artificial intelligence in gastroenterology has yet to settle. Here’s a pulse check on where AI stands in the GI industry today.
Largest clinical study validating a blood-based CRC screening test completes enrollment  (Freenome)
PREEMPT CRC is Freenome’s registrational study to validate its test for the early detection of cancer.
Management of gastroparesis in 2022 (MDedge)
This article reviews gastroparesis syndromes with an emphasis on newer approaches evolving in clinical practice.
New CPUs: Diet for IBS treatment and personalized GERD management (AGA)
AGA has released two new Clinical Practice Updates (CPUs) providing best practice advice covering the role of diet in irritable bowel syndrome.
Closing the gender gap: building a successful career and leadership in research as a female gastroenterologist (The Lancet)
The article takes a look at how female gastroenterologists can effectively build a successful career in research and overcome barriers.
Market forces driving more private equity to ASCs (Becker’s ASC)
Private equity investment in surgery centers is increasing to capitalize on the evolving dynamics which continue to push procedures to ASCs.
Gastroenterologist revenue hits 2-year high: 3 notes (Becker’s GI & Endoscopy)
Median gastroenterologist revenue hit a two-year high on March 1, according to Kaufman Hall’s Physician Flash Report.
Q&A: ASGE president highlights live endoscopy sessions at DDW 2022 (Healio)
In a Healio interview, Douglas K. Rex, MD, president of ASGE and distinguished professor emeritus of medicine at Indiana University, details upcoming ASGE sessions.
Cold Forceps on Par With Cold Snare Polypectomy for Tiny Polyps (Medscape)
For nonpedunculated polyps measuring 3 mm or less, cold forceps polypectomy is non-inferior to cold snare polypectomy.
Barriers to an Ergonomic Endo Suite (GI & Endoscopy News)
Increased awareness of the risk for endoscopy-related injuries, and designing ergonomically healthier scopes are needed to reduce injuries seen in endoscopists.
HD Video Endoscopic System Cleared by FDA (GI & Endoscopy News)
SonoScape announced that the FDA granted a 510(k) clearance for the company’s HD-550 video endoscopy system to assist gastrointestinal diagnosis.
Whitepaper: How Curebase helped a GI therapeutic study increase enrollment and achieve FDA clearance during COVID (Curebase)
Discover how Curebase and metaMe Health successfully completed an IBS digital therapeutic treatment study at the peak of global COVID-19 transmission.
Trial shows FODMAP diet superior to spasmolytic therapy for IBS symptoms (Hospital Healthcare Europe)
A FODMAP diet, when compared directly with spasmolytic therapy, provided a significantly greater improvement in IBS patients’ symptoms.
Provident Healthcare Partners advises Gastroenterology Consultants in its partnership with GI Alliance (PR Newswire)
Gastroenterology Consultants is a leading provider of digestive health services to the Houston, Texas market, offering comprehensive services.
What the future of healthcare could look like (Psychology Today)
The article takes a look at disruptive collaboration, the healthcare utility model, and more.
Fostering GI–Surgeon Relationships To Improve Patient Care (GI & Endoscopy News)
The doctor–surgeon relationship can be tense, Dr. Estrada shares some ways which can be used to handle various issues smoothly.

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COVID-19: The Way Forward for Gastroenterology Practices
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