Curated GI articles October 29th, 2021: How physician ownership changed in 2021 | AI Blackbox | Smart Toilets

Curated GI articles October 29th, 2021: How physician ownership changed in 2021 | AI Blackbox | Smart Toilets

Curated GI articles October 29th, 2021:
How physician ownership changed in 2021 | AI Blackbox | Smart Toilets
Sam Holliday (CEO of Oshi Health): “My goal would be to cover all 50 states by the end of 2022.” (NextServices Exclusive)
Praveen Suthrum spoke to Sam Holliday, CEO of Oshi Health on their fund-raise and the future of GI. The conversation moves from why there’s investor interest in digital GI to their plans of scaling up across all 50 states.
Gastroenterologists weigh in on industry trends (Becker’s GI & Endoscopy)
Three gastroenterologists spoke to Becker’s about trends they’re seeing in the industry — from declining reimbursement to competition with hospitals for talent.
Private Equity: Friend or Foe to Healthcare? (Health Leaders Media)
Finance executives evaluate the role of private equity in the healthcare industry and forecast how the dynamic will evolve. When private equity firms invest in healthcare, who benefits
Health Care Is About to be Disrupted by…Smart Toilets (Architectural Digest)
The smart toilets are specifically designed to monitor health based on the ‘bowl’s content’ which could be instrumental for preventative care.
SMART Medical’s G-EYE® Balloon Technology Shown to Increase Detection Rate of Colon Adenomas (PR Newswire)
Smart Medical System’s G-Eye balloon technology was found to increase the detection of colon adenomas when compared to Endocuff Vision-assisted technology.
How inpatient subspecialty GI services enhance patient care (Oxford Academic)
The article aims to highlight the impact of the subspecialization of GI on outcomes of hospitalized patients, particularly in IBD and hepatology.
Slow Progress Hinders Gender Parity in GI (Gastroenterology & Endoscopy News)
Amy Oxentenko, MD, Mayo Clinic on why GI ranks toward the bottom in terms of gender parity in representation, the stubborn wage gap, and a need for strong mentors.
VIDEO: Telemedicine, in-person visits ‘complementary’ in providing best care to GI patients (Healio)
Naresh T. Gunaratnam, MD, from Huron Gastroenterology, discussed results from a study that evaluated patients’ perceptions of telemedicine services compared with in-person office visits.
How is physician ownership changing in 2021? (Becker’s ASC Review)
More physicians are migrating to hospital employment, changing the traditional physician-ownership models of ASCs. Seven leaders spoke with Becker’s on how physician ownership is shifting this year.
Artificial intelligence in gastroenterology: A state-of-the-art review (BPG)
The objective of this review is to pool the available AI-related studies pertaining to the entire gastrointestinal tract, discussing findings and clinical applications, as well as outlining the current limitations and future directions in this field.
Practical steps can move the needle on health disparities in colon cancer screening (Healio)
Prioritizing equity efforts and taking three key steps toward improving accessibility and representation could move the needle on health disparities in colon cancer screening.
America’s Best Ambulatory Surgery Centers 2022 (Newsweek)
Newsweek has partnered with global research firm Statista to name America’s Best ASCs. This year’s list spotlights 470 facilities in the 25 states with the most ambulatory surgery centers.
We Need to Open Up the AI Black Box (Geek Doctor)
Paul Cerrato, senior research analyst and communications specialist, and John Halamka, M.D., president, of  Mayo Clinic Platform on why it is essential to convince physicians and nurses that deep learning algorithms are worth using in everyday practice.
What are the Manifestations of Inflammatory Bowel Diseases Beyond the GI Tract? (AGA)
In this review article Rogler et al discuss the prevalence and incidence of different types of EIMs.EIMs are inflammation that develops outside of the GI tract in patients with IBD.
#GICommunity Webinar: 2021 Year in Review + 2022 Outlook Functional GI Trends (Commonwealth Diagnostics International)
In the upcoming webinar, GI experts will examine the latest clinical information on topics impacting the diagnosis and treatment of patients with functional GI disorders.
Cancer Treatment Centers of America in Phoenix Incorporates Artificial Intelligence System for Enhanced Colonoscopy Screenings (Business Wire)
It is the first in western United States to offer GI Genius™ Intelligent Endoscopy Module-  a powerful ally in the fight against colorectal cancer that employs AI to help physicians detect polyps.
Medscape Residents Lifestyle & Happiness Report 2021 (Medscape)
A report based on a survey of more than 1,500 residents across 29 specialities on how COVID-19 has changed them personally and professionally, future hopes and fears.
10 gastroenterologists to know (Becker’s GI and Endoscopy)
Here are 10 physicians who specialize in gastroenterology, the list is compiled by Becker’s.

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Immunovia receives Presidential Poster Award at the ACG Annual Scientific Meeting
(PR Newswire)

Dr. Samir A. Shah Elected President of the American College of Gastroenterology (Newswise)

US Digestive Health Announces Pilot with AI-Enhanced Endoscopy Aid Device, GI Genius (News Direct)

Data Presented at ACG Shows Guardant Health’s Blood-Based Test Accurately Detects Early-Stage Colorectal Cancer (Business Wire)

VIDEO: Microbiome-based biotherapeutic effective, safe in real-word Crohn’s population (Healio)

In the Endoscopy Suite, AI Keeps Human Foibles in Check
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The ASC industry in 2021: 15 key observations (Becker’s ASC Review)

Healio and ACG present the 2021 Clinical Innovation Award (Healio)

2022 Gastroenterology Reimbursement and Coding Update (ASGE)

NHSX announces projects are to receive share of £6.5m as part of Adoption Fund
(Digital Health)

Rao honored with inaugural educator, mentor award from American College of Gastroenterology (Augusta University)

Humoral Immune Response Detected in Most IBD Patients After COVID-19 Vaccines (Medscape)

Lucid Diagnostics’ EsoGuard Esophageal DNA Test Wins “Diagnostics Innovation of the Year” Award (Business Wire)

Biotech Breakthrough Awards- 2021 Winners (Biotech Breakthrough Awards)

Merck, GlaxoSmithKline, AbbVie, Sanofi & Bristol Myers Squibb: Big Pharma’s Extending Digital Health Reaches (The Medical Futurist)

Five Trends In Digital Health Transformation (Forbes)

Videos: Interviews with GI Leaders  (NextServices)

COVID-19: The Way Forward for Gastroenterology Practices
COVID-19 is a double whammy of both clinical and business disruption. This ebook will help you explore possible scenarios and be a guide in your plans for the future.

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