Curated GI articles October 8th, 2021: Practices with Surgery Centers: A Gem to Private Equity

Curated GI articles October 8th, 2021: Practices with Surgery Centers: A Gem to Private Equity

Curated GI articles October 8th, 2021:
Practices with Surgery Centers: A Gem to Private Equity
Gastro Health Further Expands Presence in Ohio (Gastro Health)
Gastro Health continues to expand its presence in the state of Ohio through its newly-announced partnership with Gastro-Intestinal Associates, Inc.
PE GI Solutions announces the official integration of Gastroenterology and Liver Specialists of Tidewater with Capital Digestive Care (PE GI Journal)
The MSO will provide GLST with access to Capital Digestive Care’s robust infrastructure and advanced systems, IT capabilities and resources, along with the expertise of top healthcare executives.
10 gastroenterology companies ASC leaders should know (Becker’s GI & Endoscopy)
From device companies to providers, here are 10 gastroenterology companies to know as compiled by Becker’s.
Gastroenterology Data Trends 2021 (MDedge)
A detailed analysis that covers varied trends such as AI and machine learning, digital health, diversity in GI.
Diversity in gastroenterology in the United States: Where are we now? Where should we go? (GIE Journal)
Paper outlining diversity in GI including women in GI and underrepresented communities and how it also impacts the physician-patient relationship.
Practices with Surgery Centers: A Gem to Private Equity (Focus Investment Banking)
Practices with surgery centers are a unique subcategory in this very complicated industry consolidation, and they are very attractive to private equity buyers.
Balancing finances, quality care key to PE investment success (Becker’s ASC Review)
Private equity investors and ASCs must share a mission and values to have a mutually beneficial relationship.
Colon Cancer diagnoses fell 40% in pandemic, and that’s not good news (Health Day)
Colon cancer numbers dropped dramatically during the COVID-19 pandemic, but that doesn’t mean fewer people have the disease.
Artificial intelligence aids colonoscopies at Virginia VA medical center (Vantage point blog)
Doctors at the Central Virginia VA Health Care System recently implemented a new medical device that uses AI during colonoscopies to assist in recognizing and diagnosing cancerous growth.
Novel scoring tools developed for predicting risk of colon cancer and precancerous polyps (News Medical)
Researchers have created novel scoring tools for predicting the actual risk of colon cancer and advanced precancerous polyps for patients at average for the disease.
Hospitals saw more megamergers in the last quarter. Kaufman Hall explains why (Fierce Healthcare)
Hospitals and health systems only had seven mergers and acquisitions in the third quarter of the year, but the expected revenue surrounding those deals was $5.2 billion, a new report says.
MDs Doing Wrong-Site Surgery: Why Is It Still Happening? (Medscape)
The Sullivan Group, a patient safety consultancy based in Colorado, reports that in 2013, 2.7% of patients who were involved in wrong-site surgeries died and 41% experienced some type of permanent injury
COVID-19 GI symptoms not linked to mortality, but persist after hospitalization (Healio)
Patients with COVID-19 infection and gastrointestinal symptoms fared as well as their controls but often battled nausea afterward, according to a presenter at UEG Week Virtual.
AI in GI: 8 updates from the past 90 days (Becker’s GI & Endoscopy)
Artificial intelligence is known by some gastroenterology leaders as the “biggest disrupter” of the industry — aiding GIs in identifying colon polyps and more.
Uniting the global gastroenterology community to meet the challenge of climate change and non-recyclable waste (BMJ)
Climate change has been described as the biggest global health threat of the 21st century1 and has significant implications for gastrointestinal (GI) health and disease.
Antihypertensive drugs ‘potentially prolong life’ for patients with colorectal cancer (Healio)
Low-cost antihypertensive drugs appeared associated with reductions in CRC-specific mortality among patients with stage I to stage III disease, according to results of a retrospective analysis published in Cancer Medicine.
Expert Picks From DDW 21: Pancreatic Research (Gastroenterology & Endoscopy News)
Franklin Kasmin, MD, a therapeutic endoscopist at New York-Presbyterian Brooklyn Methodist Hospital, discusses the most important research on pancreatic disorders .
Robotic-Controlled, Fully Automated Capsule Endoscopy on Par With Conventional Method  (Medscape)
Fully automated, magnetically controlled capsule endoscopy performs as well as conventional transoral gastroscopy for examining the stomach and small bowel.
Delivering ‘no surprise’ experiences with price transparency in health care (Fortune)
Providers, health insurance companies, and self-insured employers must overcome confusion, complexity, and outright concerns just to comply  with price transparency in health care.
Best Practices in Endoscope Reprocessing (Endoscopy Insights)
Dr. Larry Muscarella delves into more detail on reprocessing best practices and some of the challenges therein.

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Cognitive behavioral therapy improves psychosocial functioning in IBD (Healio)

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New Treatment for Inflammatory Bowel Disease (Reach MD)

Study identifies sulfatase as potential drug target for inflammatory bowel disease and colorectal cancer (Medical Xpress)

With $30B+ Raised in Three Quarters, Global Health Innovation Funding Is on Pace for 100% YOY Growth (StartUp Health Insights)

Hospital M&A: 13 recent deals by the numbers (Becker’s Hospital Review)

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COVID-19: The Way Forward for Gastroenterology Practices
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