Curated GI articles September 17th, 2021: How the 2022 proposed Medicare payment rules impact GI

Curated GI articles September 17th, 2021: How the 2022 proposed Medicare payment rules impact GI

Curated GI articles September 17th, 2021:
How the 2022 proposed Medicare payment rules impact GI
ICYMI: Scope Forward podcast-PE Platform US Digestive Health
Praveen Suthrum’s open-ended conversation brings together the GI physician, the CEO, and the PE partner of US Digestive Health. Listen to this interview on the move!
How the 2022 proposed Medicare payment rules impact GI (MDedge)
The OPPS/ASC proposed rule was largely positive for GI, the PFS proposed rule is more of a mixed bag for practices.
What are GI’s biggest disrupters? (Becker’s GI & Endoscopy)
Seven gastroenterology leaders spoke with Becker’s ASC Review on what they see as the biggest disrupter in the GI industry.
AI’s Help in Colonoscopy Led to Fewer Missed Adenomas (MedPage Today)
An AI-based system missed fewer adenomas and found more first-pass adenomas per colonoscopy than high-definition white light (HDWL) colonoscopies.
GI provider waited ‘months’ to tell 161,000+ patients they were exposed to ransomware attack 
(Becker’s GI & Endoscopy)
Houston-based GI Consultants allegedly waited months before informing the more than 161,000 patients that their data was exposed in a ransomware attack.
PE accelerating pace of gastroenterology consolidation (Vector Medical Group)
The pace of consolidation across the GI space has accelerated, led by a growing number of financial sponsors leveraging platform acquisitions to roll up physician-led practices across the US.
Medscape Hospitalist Compensation Report 2021 (Medscape)
Hospitalists’ challenges went beyond safety and affected their salary an income as the COVID-19 pandemic continued into 2021.
3 surgical techniques shaping gastroenterology (Becker’s GI & Endoscopy)
Four gastroenterology leaders spoke with Becker’s ASC Review on the surgical technique that has had the most significant impact on their practice
Family History of Polyps Raises CRC Risk (Gastroenterology & Endoscopy News)
A new study has found that siblings and children of people with colorectal polyps are at a significantly increased risk for CRC.
Consolidation in gastroenterology and growth of the private equity MSO (Fraser Healthcare)
Scott Fraser Founder and Managing Director of Fraser Healthcare shares his insights on private equity in GI.
What’s Driving Inpatient Endoscopy Delays? (Single use endoscopy)
Inpatient endoscopic procedural delays can greatly impact the quality of care and length of hospital stays, driving up costs and increasing the likelihood of adverse patient events.
Chemotherapy for colon cancer: What to expect (Medical News Today)
The article examines chemotherapy for colon cancer and its success rates, what an individual should expect from chemotherapy treatment-its side effects, and risks.
MS patients diagnosed with colorectal cancer may have shorter survival times, study finds (News Medical)
People with multiple sclerosis (MS) who are diagnosed with colorectal cancer may be at a higher risk of dying from cancer or other causes over the next 6 months to one year.
Preparing for the Future of Pediatric Advanced Endoscopy (Gastroenterology & Endoscopy News)
The rise in incidences of pancreatic diseases, and the obesity epidemic in America has led to increase in associated biliary and gallstone diseases in children leading to an increase in endoscopic treatments.
7 Recent reports on IBD (Healio)
The report includes topics regarding COVID-19 and IBD, therapeutic research, a preview of the ACG annual scientific meeting and more.
“No Surprises” enforcement left to states, big questions left unanswered in HHS rule (MedCity News)
Enforcement of the No Surprises Act is still a work in progress. As for effort, whether patients will agree with that grade still remains to be seen.
Screening and prevention of colorectal cancer (The BMJ)
The review provides an overview of colorectal cancer, the current status of screening efforts, and the tools available to reduce mortality from colorectal cancer.
Diversity in GI ‘actually matters and actually saves lives’ (Healio)
Healio Gastroenterology had the opportunity to listen to GI leaders engaging in concrete change – from the launch of new associations to the mentorship of the next generation of gastroenterologists.
Risk Prediction Tools Often Ineffective for Use in EMR (Gastroenterology & Endoscopy News)
For patients undergoing endoscopic mucosal resection of large colorectal lesions, risk models and scoring systems for bleeding and recurrence may not be worth the effort.
6 private equity deals to know (Becker’s ASC Review)
Physician practice deals heated up in the first half of the year; private equity firms were the buyer in 63 percent of the second-quarter deals.

More Hot headlines in GI
ACG Virtual Grand Rounds (ACG)

Pandemic lockdown tied to worse outcomes in metastatic colorectal cancer, French study says (STAT)

The Role of AI in Digital Therapeutics (Pharmaceutical Executive )

Satisfai Health acquires global license for AI software to detect early cancer in Barrett’s Esophagus (News Wire)

The TOP100 Digital Health Companies In 2021 (The Medical Futurist)

HHS releases $25.5B in COVID-19 relief funding targeted at smaller providers
(Fierce Healthcare)

Practice Management Solutions Companies Raised $753 Million in the First Half of 2021 (Mercom Capital Group)

Payers, providers seek leeway on surprise medical bill ban going into effect in 2022
(Fierce Healthcare)

Five Emerging Concerns for the Health Care Industry as AI & Telehealth Converge (JDSupra)

AGA Clinical Practice Update: Expert Review on IBD dysplasia surveillance, management (MD edge)

Endoscopy market to reach $39.3B by 2026 (Becker’s ASC Review)

Penn Researchers Use Unique Imaging Technology to Map Cells Tied to Inflammatory Bowel Disease (Penn Medicine News)

Study: 15M people could lose Medicaid coverage after COVID-19 emergency ends
(Fierce Health Payer)

A breakdown of 11 recent CMS actions (Becker’s Hospital CFO report)

Videos: Interviews with GI Leaders  (NextServices)

COVID-19: The Way Forward for Gastroenterology Practices
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