Curated GI articles September 3rd, 2021: How Walmart and Amazon’s healthcare moves may affect ASCs (Becker’s ASC)

Curated GI articles September 3rd, 2021: How Walmart and Amazon’s healthcare moves may affect ASCs (Becker’s ASC)

Curated GI articles September 3rd, 2021:
How Walmart and Amazon’s healthcare moves may affect ASCs (Becker’s ASC)
ICYMI: The Scope with Dr. Lawrence Kosinski and Praveen Suthrum (HealthcareNOW Radio Podcast Network)
Praveen Suthrum discusses the impact of private equity and the massive digital shift that is occurring in gastroenterology.
Disparities impact job satisfaction for women mentees, mentors in gastroenterology (Healio)
Career advancement and job satisfaction may be affected by the inequities that women mentees and mentors experience in the field of gastroenterology
Podcast: Why AI in GI, Why Now? (Medtronic)
Listen as Sravanthi Parasa, M.D. and Prateek Sharma, M.D discuss why and how AI can make an impact in gastroenterology.
Gastro Health expands footprint in Central Florida (South Florida Hospital News)
Gastro Health is expanding its presence to 19 locations in Central Florida after it acquired Gastro Center of Florida and Mid Florida Gastroenterology Consultants.
The great equalizer: Why these 3 GI physicians are excited about AI (Becker’s GI & Endoscopy)
Three gastroenterologists have all pointed out artificial intelligence as the most exciting future disruptor for their field.
Top 3 Practice Management Strategies for Ongoing Success (Rev Cycle Intelligence)
Physician practices are recovering from devastating losses over the past year. Leaders share their practice management strategies for ongoing success.
AGA joins other societies urging health care workers to get the COVID-19 vaccine (Healio)
The AGA said it supports a statement signed by 58 societies promoting COVID-19 vaccine mandates for all workers in health care.
ASC market to hit $33B by 2028 & 7 other analysis takeaways (Becker’s ASC Review)
The U.S. ASC market is poised for significant growth in the next seven years, according to a report from New York marketing research firm Research Nester.
Which Colon Cancer Screening Is Best? (Wtop News)
The best method will depend on a patient’s circumstances and preferences, skills of the physician, availability, and costs of different options in the specific health care system.
Risk of Colon Cancer Linked to Antibiotic Use (Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News)
There is a clear link between taking antibiotics and an increased risk of developing colon cancer,  a study of 40,000 cancer cases has found.
Behind the Mask: Gastroenterologist says the digestive system is not immune from the effects of COVID-19 (WTHR)
Dr. Mohammad Al Haddad said that some patients tend to have diarrhea, nausea, or cramps that take a few months to subside.
ASCs + CMS: The good, the bad and the ugly (Becker’s ASC Review)
CMS has made some moves to direct more surgeries to ASCs but has developed new policies making it more difficult to perform certain procedures there.
How Walmart and Amazon’s healthcare moves may affect ASCs (Becker’s ASC Review)
Walmart and Amazon have made big moves in recent years to expand their presence in the healthcare industry.
Key immune cells maintain healthy gut bacteria to protect against colorectal cancer (Medical Xpress)
The findings suggest new possibilities for the clinical approach to CRC , and also explains why this cancer often fails to respond to immunotherapies.
Women in medicine denied safe reporting systems for harassment (Healio)
About 40% of Women in medicine reduce their workload to part-time or leave medicine within 6 years of residency.
10 gastroenterologists to know (Becker’s GI & Endoscopy)
Monthly list of influencers in gastroenterology compiled by Becker’s GI & Endoscopy.
4 physicians share what they wish they knew going into their career (Becker’s ASC Review)
Choosing the right mentor, the importance of continuing education, stress factors of healthcare are the top issues physicians wish they knew at the beginning of their career.
COVID-19: New GI symptoms don’t raise death risk in IBD (MDedge)
Death from COVID-19 was not more likely among patients with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) who had COVID-19 who developed new GI symptoms after becoming infected.
Multi-Target Stool DNA to Detect Post-Colonoscopy Colorectal Neoplasia (Medical Bag)
The use of multi-target stool DNA  as an interval test for post-colonoscopy CRC’s had a high positive predictive value (PPV), according to results published in Clinical and Translational Gastroenterology.
Physician partnership sells endoscopy center to PE group in $5.7M deal (Becker’s GI & Endoscopy)
The tenants include GI practice Texas Digestive Disease Consultants, Minivasive Pain and Orthopedics, and the Kingwood Endoscopy Center.

More Hot headlines in GI
Chadwick Boseman’s death shed light on colon cancer, but rates remain high among Black people (NBC News)

VIDEO: Healthy gut may combat depression during COVID-19 pandemic (Healio)

ASGE releases 5-year strategic plan (ASGE)

Virtual Colonoscopy Software Market to witness Robust Expansion by 2027 (The Rebel Yell)

6 big ideas in healthcare innovation (Becker’s Health IT)

Top 10 ASC stories this summer (Becker’s ASC Review)

Video: The Time to Increase Our Adenoma Detection Rates Is Now (Medscape)

Burnout among PAs contributes to medical errors, mental health problems (Healio)

Endosound gains FDA breakthrough device designation for ultrasound system
(Becker’s GI & Endoscopy)

Resilience, a Modifiable Quality, Reduces Risk for IBD Hospitalizations
(Gastroenterology & Endoscopy News)

Google overhauls health division & 11 other recent moves from health IT companies
(Becker’s Health IT)

Measurable devices optimize resiliency, prevent physician burnout (Healio)

Videos: Interviews with GI Leaders  (NextServices)

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