A litmus test to find what you love

A litmus test to find what you love


We are often sure of what we dislike more than we what we like. We keep changing work situations in the hope of stumbling upon things that would make us happy. And when we do find something we love doing, we are somewhat in doubt – could there be something better out there? May be. May be not. Actually, it doesn’t matter – unless we work in an environment that curbs our enthusiasm.

There’s a simple test to find what you love. Find those activities that have the innate ability to pause other thoughts.

Even if it is for a few moments, if you are able to enter a zone where nothing else matters then you just met what you love. These experiences engage you, draw you in and you can’t stop yourself from pursuing them. You never have to justify to yourself why you are doing it. You almost never think about time, leave alone money. For me, I’m in complete bliss when I’m creating something – it doesn’t matter whether it’s a business or product or painting or writing. I get restless when someone interrupts me. Everything feels a little light and there’s an uplifting energy that affects other activities. The best part is this love almost never changes.

If you are in doubt, all you have to do is simply do the activity that paused you again and you’ll notice that your mind pauses yet again. You exactly know what am talking about because we have all experienced this. The problem is however that our mind instructs us to overlook what we love when the moment passes. We tell ourselves to not be stupid, to be a little more practical and to do the right things. We fear the disapproval of others and when they tell us that we are irrational, we do our best to mute our inner urges.

There is a litmus test that constantly tells us what we love by stilling everything else. All we have to do is simply say yes without worrying about everything else.

Originally published on LinkedIn,  by Praveen Suthrum, President & Co-Founder, NextServices. 

Image Credit: Superman cosplay by Greg Carlson

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