COVID-19: The Way Forward for Gastroenterology Practices

COVID-19: The Way Forward for Gastroenterology Practices

These are uncertain times for gastroenterologists. COVID-19 is a double whammy of both clinical and business disruption.

With the amount of information on COVID-19, what should you base your decisions on? What kind of a financial impact will the pandemic have on your practice? What exactly is the new norm? What practical actions should you take now?

This ebook will help you explore answers to the right questions. Most importantly, it’ll help ask what’s right for the future.

What you’ll takeaway by reading this ebook

The book is divided into two parts: during and after the pandemic. This is what we’ll do in each section:

Part 1: During COVID
1 | Take stock of expert opinions of COVID-19 and its expected duration.
2 | Assess and contextualize the risk for gastroenterology private practices using the lenses of clinical and business.
3 | Consider various scenarios using simple mathematical models.
4 | Explore the way forward for the business of gastroenterology.

Part 2: After COVID
1 | Explore a dystopian and fantastical day in the life of a gastroenterology from the After COVID period.
2 | Understand why the COVID period will create a void for routine healthcare cases and why technology will fill that gap.
3 | Five principles to traverse from During COVID to After COVID.





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