Need of the hour is creative entrepreneurs

Need of the hour is creative entrepreneurs

We are all inherently creative. The only time when we are not is when we allow our natural abilities to be clouded. An easy indicator to know if our creativity is clouded is to ask the question, how much are we following the herd?

In an act of desperation, entrepreneurs and investors follow recently successful ideas and bucket themselves into risk-averse models that do not require bending of our minds. It’s safer to bet on another social app than say a microfluidics company that conducts lab tests in a box. Launch the app, demonstrate traction, exit by selling it to someone who needs your user-base. If there’s an e-commerce store successfully selling clothes, there will be others selling cosmetics and shoes. If there’s an addictive gaming app with angry birds in it, there will be countless games with other angry flying things. You get the picture.

If you think hard, you will realize that what the world really needs is not another idea to pass time or make people spend more money. We have enough and more of that. There are large problems staring at us from healthcare to education that require big ideas that creative entrepreneurs are capable of delivering. With dropping costs and accelerating capabilities, technology infrastructure has become so much more accessible. Scientific advancement is bursting in its seams. There are more than 3 billion people connected online making this also the most connected time in history. It would be a terrible waste of creative energy if all we produced are things that no one will care about a hundred years from now and the world continues to drag on with its problems.

If your idea is a “me-too”, stretch your imagination a little higher and let go of your needs to be somebody else. For example, say you have an idea for an app that sells cuddly bears in different sizes and colors. It’s a good idea but can you push it a little further? Can you embed sensors inside those cuddly bears so that they react to touch? Can you make one cuddly bear interact with other bears so that your buyers can create a community? Can the cuddly bear also watch over a child on demand and let you see the video on your phone? How about sharing that with the child’s grandparents? Soon, you would have transformed your idea from an e-commerce app for cuddly bears to a platform that has the possibility of addressing a variety of needs from loneliness to childhood safety. What if you soon have access to technology that drives Google’s driverless cars – the possibilities are endless for your cuddly bear!

Creativity is the primary tool of progress. Nature gifts every creature the ability to advance from one generation to the next. It gives humans an additional capacity – the burden of making a choice and acting on it. It’s up to us to put it to reasonable use.


Originally published on Economic Times,  by Praveen Suthrum, President & Co-Founder, NextServices. 

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