Private Equity in Gastroenterology: Navigating the Next Wave

Private Equity in Gastroenterology: Navigating the Next Wave

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Whether you wish to stay independent or explore private equity, this ebook deals with issues you need to know today.

Private Equity in Gastroenterology is the synthesis of research and interviews with several GI leaders, conversations with PE funds, investment banks and CEOs of PE funded companies spanning several months. It’ll help you connect the dots and make sense of what’s underway.

• Investment thesis of private equity in gastroenterology (page 14)
• How did we get here? Where are we going? (page 9)
• What do PE funds look for in a practice? (page 20)
• What GI can learn from dermatology and ophthalmology? (page 40)
• Strategies to improve your EBITDA (page 22)
• Common types of investment models (page 34)

Bonus material includes interviews with GI leaders and industry insiders (page 44).
Plus, a list of 70+ private equity funds that invest in healthcare (page 67).

Sample Chapters:
1. Introduction and contents (3 pages)
2. With private equity in gastroenterology, the story has just begun (5 pages)





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