Healthcare Technology Articles: Trends And Insights for 2018

Healthcare Technology Articles: Trends And Insights for 2018

Here are the most interesting healthcare technology articles focused on trends to watch out for during 2018 and beyond.

1. AI replacing doctors. What do doctors think about that? – by NextServices

2. 20 Medical Technology Advances: Medicine in the Future – by The Medical Futurist

3. 10 Predictions For A Global Healthcare Market Set To Cross The $1.85 Trillion Mark In 2018 – by Forbes

4. Top 10 predictions for healthcare IT in 2018 – by International Data Corporation/Health Data Management

5. How Big Tech Is Going After Your Health Care – by The New York Times

6. Predicting Analytics: 3 Big Data Trends in Healthcare – by HealthTech

7. 5 Digital Health Innovation Trends That Will Matter in 2018 – by HIT Consultant

8. How Blockchain, A.I. And Other Tech Trends Will Disrupt Healthcare In 2018 – by Forbes

9. 2018 is primed for blockchain, big data and cloud computing advancements, all with a better security plan – by Healthcare IT News

10. The 15 most-read HIT Think articles of 2017 – by Health Data Management

11. Blockchain: Opportunities for health care – by Deloitte

12. The Doctor’s Office of 2024 – 4 Predictions for the Future – by Software Advice

13. 4 Things Medtech Should Be Prepared for in 2018 – by Qmed


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