enki ASC EHR

enki ASC EHR

enki ASC EHR is clinical and management software platform for ambulatory surgery centers. Simple in design. Comprehensive in function.

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Key features include:
Surgical safety
Your procedure compliance checklist

Document and comply with every angle of performing a procedure. enki ASC EHR’s surgical safety module is a checklist that documents crucial patient information prior to induction of anesthesia, start of the procedure and required guidelines before transferring patient to PACU/Recovery room. Surgical safety checklist becomes a part of the patient record and is a fundamental of the detail and quality of care provided.

Anesthesia record management
Detailed anesthesia documentation

Track patient’s recovery status with enki ASC EHR’s post anesthesia record management module. Document the procedure summary, post procedure vitals, Aldrete score to check if the patient is fit for discharge, site appearance and other vital information. This module forms the basis for deeming the fit-for-discharge status of patients.

Cloud based endowriter
Automatically complete endoscopy notes

enki ASC EHR’s cloud based EndoWriter integrates with endoscopes to transmit real time procedure video directly into the endoscopy modules within the EHR. You can then capture and annotate virtually unlimited procedure images for clinical specificity. The EndoWriter automatically builds contextually relevant and clinically pertinent medical cases within minutes using Minimal Standard Terminology (MST) guidelines. The module is designed to automatically integrate procedure images within the operative note to create genuine cases every single time.

Pre-op nursing
Protocol based pre procedure documentation

Capture surgery specific medical information quickly and accurately. Pre-op nursing module in enki ASC EHR handles clinical and administrative documentation so you can focus on your patients while ensuring compliance.

Certified cloud/mobile EHR platform
Take your EHR with you

enki ASC EHR is a certified cloud-based, mobile platform that is available on the web and on the iPad. It lets you access patient records, procedure notes, and schedule from any platform. Create a medical note on the web and it can be seamlessly accessed on an iPad. The system is upgraded automatically. There are no additional setups or hardware investments thereby, eliminating the need for a dedicate IT personnel. enki ASC EHR gets you mobile and gives you the peace of mind you deserve.

ASC reports
Business performance from all angles

Easily generate real time administrative reports such as nursing staff and facility utilization reports, scope usage distribution/allocation reports or clinical reports across multiple datasets. enki ASC EHR creates multiple useful reports that measure overall health of the center. Compliance dashboards automatically calculate your Meaningful Use measure scores and can be referred to throughout your reporting period and after.

Smart scheduling
Better time and resource management

Track resource utilization using the custom scheduler for staff and anesthesiologists. enki ASC EHR’s smart scheduler lets you manage resources efficiently by assigning them appointments throughout the day as per availability. Appointment overlap indicators can be easily generated to avoid last minute confusion and chaos. The scheduler integrates with different platforms via HL7 standards, so you can plan your day well in advance.

Patient portal
Make patients a part of the care process

enki patient portal offers great flexibility to patients by providing them electronic access to their medical records. It’s secure and tightly integrates with enki EHR. You can share visit related notes with your patients with a single click. Patients can access their past medical records, visit summary, history of medications, allergies and additional educational resources directly. They can also view and request for appointments directly via the portal. The patient portal is synchronous with the web and the iPad versions ensuring data is always current.

Pre-op and post-op call records
Communication log between the center and patients

enki ASC EHR’s pre-op and post-op call records module tracks and documents crucial communication between you and your patients. The module records detailed logs of appointment reminders, summary of pre and post procedure health status of the patients based on the type of procedure performed. From an administrative perspective, the names and notes of the associated callers can be logged for tracking and quality purposes.

Control every aspect

The entire enki ecosystem gives you control over information from the outside as well as inside. From the outside, enki implements industry standard 256-bit data encryption and AES SHA-2 encryption algorithm to safeguard patient information. From the inside, access to each and every module can be controlled, thereby only the relevant patient information is presented to relevant users. Custom role assignment at user level regulates the way data flows through the EHR.

Business performance from all angles


enki ASC EHR Case Studies

Getting disparate users onboard while implementing an EHR

‣ The doctors received Meaningful Use Stage 1 incentives despite challenges of using computers.
‣ Through our Meaningful Use consultant, the administrator kept track of Meaningful Use and Clinical Quality Measures compliance and guided the doctors to successful completion.

Meaningful Incentives using an iPad

‣ The practice has successfully remained paperless for 3+ years using cloud based software via a Chrome browser and iPads.
‣ The doctor received complete Meaningful Use Stage 1 incentives primarily using an iPad.
‣ Patients love the interaction with the doctor because he’s looking at them instead of into a computer.