enki EndoWriter

enki EndoWriter

enki’s integrated endoscopy editor lets you import and edit procedure images for specificity. The images can be edited on the iPad and viewed on the web or vice versa.

“The mobile version allows me to maintain a degree of intimacy with my patients. My visit with the patient is done face to face without a cumbersome PC or laptop in between. Other systems without the mobile application do not afford this.”

Key features include:
Integrated cloud solution
Integrates data, analysis and documentation

enki’s cloud based EndoWriter integrates with endoscopes to transmit real time procedure video directly into the endoscopy modules within the EHR. You can then capture virtually unlimited procedure images real time. The EndoWriter streamlines the entire documentation process and is the perfect tool for you to rapidly generate detailed procedure notes with greater specificity and accuracy.

Image annotation
Annotates images accurately

The enki EndoWriter allows you to capture great resolution images during the procedure. You can then annotate the images, on the web or iPad, to accurately pinpoint the affected sites using custom shapes and colors. This level of critical documentation helps you demonstrate the quality of care provided to your patients.

Built-in intelligence
Automatically builds medical cases

enki’s EndoWriter is built using Minimal Standard Terminology (MST) guidelines. Clinical details such as number of polyps, sizes, site of appearance, and many more can be easily documented using an intuitive interface. As you start documentation, the EndoWriter automatically builds contextually relevant and clinically pertinent medical cases within minutes.

Detailed procedure notes
Integrates procedure images with operative notes

Your notes automatically integrate procedure images within the operative note. This creates genuine case records every single time saving you time and repetition. The notes can be accessed from anywhere and shared with referring physicians or with patients.

Critical documentation enables the highest quality of care

The enki EndoWriter is the perfect tool to create detailed operative notes with automatically integrated procedure images, allowing greater specificity and accuracy.


enki EndoWriter Case Studies

Meaningful Incentives using an iPad

‣ The practice has successfully remained paperless for 3+ years using cloud based software via a Chrome browser and iPads.
‣ The doctor received complete Meaningful Use Stage 1 incentives primarily using an iPad.
‣ Patients love the interaction with the doctor because he’s looking at them instead of into a computer.

From resistance to love - EHR rollout

‣ The practice achieved Meaningful Use incentives using enki EHR.
‣ Our team coordinates both EHR use and billing information seamlessly so that the practice can benefit from a unified experience.
‣ Implementation of enki EHR was completed in less than a week with minimal disruption to practice workflow.