enki Gastroenterology EHR

enki Gastroenterology EHR.
Certified. Cloud based. Customizable.

It’s the electronic health record you always wanted.


Most EHRs today run into the same fundamental problems. Not specialty specific. High upfront costs. Rigid design. Cluttered and confusing workflows. The good news? enki EHR solves them.

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The problems you face with today’s EHRs mostly boil down to difficult to use software systems that you are mandated to use – overwhelming features that you don’t need and don’t use, poorly designed workflows that are exact opposite of the way you are used to, hundred clicks just to complete a medical note, and piling list of open support tickets.


EHRs were meant to make life easier. Instead, EHRs today make things easy to miss and hard to find, adds to frustrations, and create extra work.


enki is different. It combines everything you need – built for gastroenterology, clean and fresh design, customizable workflows, access from anywhere, and much more – in a single platform that makes using an EHR feel less work. It’s how EHRs were always supposed to be.


Doctors use enki GI EHR for endoscopy image management and compliance, staff uses enki to manage send patient reminders and manage recalls and patients use enki to keep a track of their medical progress.

enki GI EHR is a one-stop software for all the things you need to take care of your patients and stay compliant.


We’d love for you to try enki GI EHR. If you have any questions before getting started, we’d be happy to answer them. Just send us an email at support@nextservices.com.

Try enki Gastroenterology EHR Today. Schedule A Demo.

Hassle-free software. Fresh. Easy to use.

Drag drop builder
Easily build workflows that suite your style of work

Integrated Endoscopy Report Writer
An efficient way to document endoscopy reports. Read more here.

Compliance Dashboards
Track compliance automatically and realtime

Easy ePrescriptions
Connect to pharmacies nationwide using the Surescripts network

Unlimited Support
Unlimited phone and email support at no extra cost

Try enki Gastroenterology EHR Today. Schedule A Demo.