enki Patient Portal

enki Patient Portal

A dynamic two-way health bridge connecting patients and doctors.

“Despite challenges, NextServices in a short time has done extremely well. This is due to their excellent management and staff.”

Key features include:
An enriched experience
Enables patients digital access

Allow your patients a convenient access to their health records 24/7. Engage your patients digitally and make them a part of their own care process. enki patient portal empowers patients by providing access to various education material and medical records, so now, your patients can be  more informed about their health.

Secure messaging
Creates a bridge between patients and physicians

enki patient portal acts as a two way communication bridge between you and your patients. Your patients can use secure messaging to ask you questions about their health, request appointments, ask for medication refills and just about anything.

enki Telemedicine
Improves medical care processes

Are your patients skipping a visit because they are too far away? Now, you will be able to see patients using enki Telemedicine modules that include both video and messaging-based consults.

A home for medical records
Complete access to medical records

enki patient portal offers great flexibility to your patients by providing electronic access of their medical records. Push care summaries and medical records to patients securely, thereby, complying with important Meaningful Use measures. Lab results, medication history are conveniently available to patients through the portal, decreasing administrative burden on your staff.

Easy online access
Access on the web and mobile

enki patient portal can be accessed from any browser on the web and mobile device. Permanent logins ensures your patient have access to their medical records from anywhere. It’s as easy as using an email account.

Engage patients digitally with enki Patient Portal

Make patients part of their own care process by providing them access to various education material and medical records from anywhere.


enki Patient Portal Case Studies

Implementing EHR remotely

‣ The client worked with the enki team to develop OB/GYN modules that helped her adapt to electronic health records seamlessly.
‣ We developed uni and bi-directional interfaces with labs that she was associated with, making data available instantly.

Meaningful Incentives using an iPad

‣ The practice has successfully remained paperless for 3+ years using cloud based software via a Chrome browser and iPads.
‣ The doctor received complete Meaningful Use Stage 1 incentives primarily using an iPad.