Healthcare delivery is a complex business, compelling us to strive for simplicity in our work. At NextServices, we use technology to approach various problems differently - be it changing from one system to the other or ensuring zero ICD-10 coding denials. Underlying all our services - billing to consulting - is a mindset to innovate continuously.
We deeply respect knowledge and invest significant amounts of time and resources in training our teams. This keeps us on top of industry trends and helps us be more useful to our clients.

Our Service Spectrum

We offer an integrated services and software platform


Case Studies

Billing discipline results in growth for a dermatology practice

Billing discipline requires that we put extraordinary focus on doing the small things well that add up to provide financial stability required for growth. This sometimes means doing simple things well, such as a weekly call between the administrator and the billing team.

Helping a Fortune 100 team build their health app

The app was launched successfully in both Google Play and Apple app stores and is greatly recognized as an innovative use of technology within the client’s enterprise. We also helped the organization’s Southeast Asia division adapt the app in four languages for a region-wide rollout.