Analytics, Automations and Interfaces

Analytics, Automations and Interfaces

Whether you need to develop custom analytics, automate your business processes or create software interfaces with other systems, we can help you. Explore our health IT solutions. 

Develop custom analytics thelp you make objective business decisions 

Standardize and automate repeatable transactions to save both time and money 

Develop software interfaces with labs, medical devices, pharmacies, health registries, and hospital systems

“[The team] automates and collects charges, offer coding, ethical and state of art process. Integrated with EHR and Advanced MD provide a cost-effective solution to RCM.”


There’s an explosion of medical data all around us: medical records, billing information, images, videos and so on. But we can’t really say that we garner meaningful insights from this data.


Our Analytics team can help you methodically utilize data to drive clinical, financial, and business decisions. For example, a customized dashboard could help you visualize and compare ongoing changes in clinical data that impact your business.  



We synthesized our in-depth revenue cycle experience into intelligent algorithms to automate billing processes. We can now help you do the same. Benefit from reduced wastage and increased billing accuracy by developing customized automations.



Consider these three benefits while you explore automations for your business:


  • Standardized work-flow and scalability – When your workflow is streamlined, your EBITDA (or profitability) improves and subsequently your business grows.
  • Identify tedious tasks and make them effortless – Be it verifying patient eligibility or performing QA, intelligent algorithms can make challenging tasks easier
  • Minimizing costs and mistakes – Manual errors are one of the most common reasons for denials and delays in reimbursement. Automations avoid and minimize manual errors that can prove very expensive. 

“[The team] keeps us updated and offers advice to improve our functionality.”

Some examples of automations that we can build and implement for you:

Rules-based QA Engine
The engine reviews claims through multiple datasets such as CPT/ICD-10 compatibility, modifier usage, insurance specific guidelines and more before submitting claims.

Patient Eligibility and Benefits
An algorithm to verify patient eligibility, copay and deductibles several days prior to date of service.

Automated Charge Posting
This algorithm ensures clean claims are submitted within 24-48 hours – as applicable.  

Schedule vs. Billing Verification
This algorithm checks if all scheduled patients have corresponding charges billed.

These tools help you automate your compliance requirements. These tools make it easy to streamline and audit processes that were otherwise done manually.

“The enki team kept us efficient while maintaining the necessary quality standards. The ability to edit reports to fit each physician’s needs allowed for greater flexibility amongst the providers.”


When you merge practices, it’s critical to get business data quickly through effective interfaces. We can develop interactive and informative interfaces on a variety of platforms. Our team builds interfaces for labs, health systems, medical devices, registries, pharmacies, hospital systems and more.


Examples of what we can help you with: 


  • Uni- and bi-directional interfaces between other systems and public health registries.
  • Interface for registration and results of patients who got a COVID test.
  • Workflow interfaces that integrate EHR to the billing system or CRM systems.

“We have been working with NextServices for over 9 years. In all these years, we have had the pleasure of working with really professional team leaders. They have always done their best.”

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