Ancillary Services

Gastroenterology and Ancillary Services.
Better together.

With declining reimbursements and increasing costs, gastroenterology practices need to think further ahead. Ancillary services offer a way to buffer the practice from potential financial pressure. We are here to help you if you are already offering ancillary services or wish to start one.

“The team is very proactive.
On the fore front of legislative changes and policy.”


Here’s what we offer:

From UB-04 billing with right modifiers and HCPCS codes and reporting for state requirements, we help you administer ASCs.

We assist you with credentialing and manage your billing process. 

Billing for anesthesiologists, CRNAs and facilities utilizing anesthesiologists.

Infusions and biologics
We bill for IBD drugs such as Remicade and Entyvio and track patients and insurance payments rigorously.

Advanced GI procedures
We bill and track payments for specialized GI procedures such as esophageal manometry, ESD and EMR. Also, for weight loss endoscopic procedures such as Orbera Gastric Balloon. 

Hemorrhoid banding
We assist with getting started with ancillary procedures such as hemorrhoid banding and billing for them.

Weight Loss
We’ll assist you to set up a comprehensive wellness program designed to help your patients with weight management and their overall wellness.

“We've been working with NextServices since November, 2012. The team helped us negotiate out-of-network claims up to 80% of our expected amount. Because they take care of all the hassles of billing, we've been able to focus on our lab business and grow year after year”


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