Business Services – Overview

Strengthen your business.

We provide the services + software platform, that medical practices need to thrive in an environment of tougher reimbursements, high operating costs, technology complexity and increased regulation.


Through our work, we help our clients strengthen their profitability, launch ancillary services and reinforce themselves as leaders in their regions.


Three big benefits when you work with us:

Get Paid Correctly

Combination of industry knowledge, specialty depth and process efficiency for accurate claims with a high first pass ratio.

Get Paid Faster

Algorithms combined with human expertise for greater efficiency and faster payments.

Make Right Decisions

Practice performance is driven by analytics. Use data for strategic business decisions.

“[The Team] keeps track of unpaid claims and on time reprocessing. Also as finding new easy solutions for patient's payments is done well.”

In our experience, there are three main levers to improve EBITDA (or a measure of profitability). We routinely apply these principles in improving financial resources for our clients:

#1 Full-Service RCM

We offer comprehensive billing services for gastroenterology practices – Billing for GI services at the office and ASC, anesthesia, pathology, hospital, biologics, imaging and so on.

From pre-visit activities to claims submission to timely AR follow-ups, we ensure you get paid correctly and in time.
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Protect yourself from audits and get reimbursed accurately. From responses to insurance audits to ongoing coding and benchmarking, we help you code better.
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We track and maintain your credentialing status with insurances, hospitals and labs. Want your lab to go par with insurances? Download sample letter of intent for credentialing. This letter is the first step to let insurances know you wish to go par.
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“NextServices has helped us streamline our entire billing process. They have shortened the turnaround time and improved our collections.”

#2 Compliance Services

The time and resources you spend on paperwork is enormous. Each new mandate requires you to not only be compliant, but also run regular reports and submit them. We will help you comply with Meaningful Use, PQRS, ASCQR, SPARCS, HCRA and THCIC compliance programs.

MACRA/MIPS: We help you determine the right track, provide training, ongoing feedback to adhere to measures and submit compliance data.

“NextServices has helped us meet all our compliance requirements. We've been compliant for 5 consecutive years. The team helps us track, attest, and receive incentives on time.”

#3 New Ancillaries

With declining reimbursements and increasing costs, GI practices need to think further ahead. Ancillary services offer a way to buffer the practice from potential financial pressure.

We can help you maximize your revenues using ancillary services. We can help you set up your ancillary services, or maximize profits if you already have one.

“We've been working with NextServices since November 2012. The team helped us negotiate out-of-network claims up to 80% of our expected amount. Because they take care of all the hassles of billing, we've been able to focus on our lab business and grow year after year.”

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