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It is more important than ever to track and improve your EBITDA (Earnings before Income, Tax, Depreciation and Amortization) in other words your profitability or operating performance. Simply put, if you increase your revenues and reduce your costs, you will improve your EBITDA. Regardless of whether you are considering Private Equity or not, this economic measure of profitability is important to keep improving the value of your organization.


There are three levers to increase your EBITDA. Cleanup or improve Billing (revenue cycle). Streamline operations to reduce waste/costs to avoid clinical delays and miss billing. And, utilize or reinvest the additional income in ancillary services such as pathology, infusion and so on.

Full Service RCM

Three big benefits you’ll receive by working with us:

More Money

Whether it be through accurate billing or reduction in costs, our clients experience greater profitability. That often translates to growth of the practice.

Faster turnaround

We operate across time zones. This means faster billing and reimbursements. A faster turnaround will help you see cashflows sooner.

Insights for business decisions

We analyze your data constantly and provide analyses that’ll help you evaluate your performance and make the right decisions.

Underlying Strategic Benefit

We provide a reliable pathway for GI practices and facilities to get to the future. We get early on-the-ground insights from our clients spread across the country. We also play an active role in the industry by contributing to the future of gastroenterology.


Our role in gastroenterology translates to strategic advantages to our clients. They stay ahead of the game.

“I did an audit of claims you submitted and you did an excellent job, they all matched what we billed in the facility. Tell the team I said - fantastic job! I am very pleased with everything and wanted to let you all know this. Thank you.”



“We have been working with NextServices for over 9 years. The team is very knowledgeable and makes sure that they follow all the guidelines needed for filing claims to the many insurance companies in a timely manner.
In all these years I have had the pleasure of working with really professional team leaders. They have always done their best.”

Here’s what we’ll help you with:

Specialty Depth
Coding correct claims based on insurance and state specific coding guidelines. 

Same Day Billing
Releasing all complete claims within 24-48 hours of date of service.

Eligibility and Benefits
Verifying patient plan and coverage at least 2 days prior to date of service. 

Work with insurances to obtain prior authorizations 5 days before the appointment. 

AR Management
Claim follow-ups as early as 15th day from the time of submission. 

Denial Management
Same day action on claim denials for quick resolution.

Patient Balances
Patient statements, follow-ups and query resolutions.

"We've been working with NextServices more than 10 years. NextServices has been a great billing company. My experience with NextServices has been wonderful and would highly recommend them."

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