Health IT

Health IT

We work with you on your next big idea. Benefit from our 12+ years of domain expertise in US and other healthcare systems and bring your web and mobile solutions to life.

“Despite the time crunch, your work was brilliant! Thank you. Your understanding of healthcare privacy laws and requirements with ease took a lot off our plate.”

We handle healthcare inter-operability, mobile-health, device integration, analytics, cloud management and development methodologies.
Healthcare interoperability

Our vast understanding of latest healthcare technologies and standards can help you integrate with different systems and build a connected platform.
Integrations: Laboratory Information Systems (LIS), Radiology Information Systems (RIS), pharmacy networks, SNOMED/ICD-10 libraries, LOINC databases, national and state public health registries, clinical dictionaries and patient education databases.
Standards: HL7, CCD/CDA, AES SHA-2 and MD5 encryption and API driven interfaces.

Mobile health

Save time and resources by using our mobile development competencies.
Solutions: Native app development and framework, seamless integration with other systems using web services. Platforms: iOS, Android, Google Glassware

Device integration

Integrate your medical devices and patient fitness monitors such as activity trackers to focus on the quality of care.
Integrations: Endoscopes, foot pedals, genetic testing kits (e.g. 23andMe) and activity monitors (e.g. Fitbit) and wearables.


Our analytics team can help you methodically use data to drive clinical, financial and business decisions. We can help you build patient health data visualization tools across regions using geospatial data to make your patients healthier or make you better at tracking inventory and consumption to build optimized operations or help you with robust financial and operations analytics to facilitate growth.

Cloud management

We have worked with several healthcare technology companies for development and deployment of solutions over the cloud. If you are struggling with architecture decisions we can assess your need and suggest suitable tiers, if you need assistance with deployment or with maintenance and optimizations we can help you with that. Whatever the need we can get up up and running in a secure way.

Development methodologies

We follow agile development techniques to build and deliver high quality solutions. Our products are driven by strong design ethics with focus on end user usability.

We handle software and app development, interface development and bridging of healthcare information systems.
Software development

Collaborate with us to design awesome software that is just as easy to use, as elegant as the look.

App development

Agile development methodologies combined with rapid prototyping skills for building great health apps.

Interface development

Uni- and bi-directional interface bridges between other systems and public health registries.

Health Information Systems

Create connected networks between healthcare settings for data management and analytics.


Health IT Case Studies

Helping a Fortune 100 team build their health app

The app was launched successfully in both Google Play and Apple app stores and is greatly recognized as an innovative use of technology within the client’s enterprise. We also helped the organization’s Southeast Asia division adapt the app in four languages for a region-wide rollout.

Customized teams lead to recovery of lost revenues

‣ Approx. $1M recovered within 4 months
‣ Total AR reduced from $9.4M to $5M in 6 months
‣ Mass resolutions with insurance carriers
‣ Accelerated payments
‣ Extensive AR analysis done based on top denials


We bring hands on experience in the services
+ software platform to all healthcare settings