Health IT

Health IT

Benefit from our 12+ years of domain expertise in healthcare and technology to bring your vision to life. Our Health IT team has been through several product life cycles and federal certifications and acutely understands the challenges of developing software for healthcare needs.

“Despite the time crunch, your work was brilliant! Thank you. Your understanding of healthcare privacy laws and requirements with ease took a lot off our plate.”

From healthcare startups to pharmaceutical companies to Fortune 100 medical companies, we help organizations leverage the use of technology.
Health IT development

We can help you design, develop and implement enterprise grade software solutions for your target consumers. Our understanding of the latest interfaces and back-end technologies help us conceptualize and design intuitive healthcare solutions that can save you enormous amount of time.

Patient security and confidentiality solutions

Our deep understanding of global healthcare laws such as HIPAA allow us to develop secure applications that protect patient confidentiality. We can help you identify and plug healthcare security issues in software programs.

Mobile app development

Whether your need is to create a patient centric app to enhance patient experience or a business app for your products/solutions or tracking and analytics app that you plan to use for medical sales, we can deliver across various needs of a healthcare business. We use Agile development methodologies combined with rapid prototyping techniques to build great health apps.

Interoperability solutions

Use our interoperability expertise to seamlessly connect with different lab systems, pharmacy networks or even establishing connections with state and public health registries using secure HL7, CCD, CDA, DICOM and API driven interfaces.

Connected health systems

We can help you create a connected network by integrating different healthcare systems - software, equipment and devices. Experience seamless flow of data for better management and apply analytics to derive constructive insights about your business. If you are just starting up and your need is to identify vendors/partners, we can also help you with that.

Data management and analytics

Our analytics team can help you methodically use data to drive clinical, financial and business decisions. We can help you build data visualization tools across parameters that can make your patients healthier or make you better at tracking inventory or help you analyze finances to accelerate growth.

Technology architecture assessment

We can work with you to audit your current technology architecture based on your future needs and recommend optimization techniques that help you plan your resources better. From improving the security of your cloud infrastructure to recommending changes that might save you money, we can extend our architectural expertise to make your technology work better.

Whether you wish to develop a functional interface or a fully functional app, our team can take you from idea to the app store.
Software development

Collaborate with us to design awesome software that is just as easy to use, as elegant as the look.

App development

Agile development methodologies combined with rapid prototyping skills for building great health apps.

Interface development

Uni- and bi-directional interface bridges between other systems and public health registries.

Health Information Systems

Create connected networks between healthcare settings for data management and analytics.


Health IT Case Studies

Helping a Fortune 100 team build their health app

The app was launched successfully in both Google Play and Apple app stores and is greatly recognized as an innovative use of technology within the client’s enterprise. We also helped the organization’s Southeast Asia division adapt the app in four languages for a region-wide rollout.

enki and interoperability - A connected health platform

Through its open architecture, enki Health IT platform connects with various systems, hardware equipment and medical devices using standard protocols such as HL7. We have evaluated enki’s interoperability readiness with over 30 vendors.


Changing the business of healthcare

Our purpose as an organization is to make healthcare delivery simple for all its stakeholders.