Tag: Entreprenuership

09 Apr 2016

How did the frog make it to the mountaintop?


My dad frequently forwards some amusing emails. Today I got an email about a group of frogs that were given the challenge of climbing a mountain. Once they started climbing, several of them started realizing how difficult the task was. Some got scared. Some complained. Some said this was stupid. Some fought with the others. Some kept saying that this was an impossible task and they shouldn’t have agreed to climb this daunting mountain in the first place.

Slowly, one by one all the frogs stopped hopping – except one. He made it to the mountaintop. After he got back, everyone pounced him and asked him how was he able to climb this challenging mountain when none of the others could. At first he didn’t respond. Then he saw that the other frogs were trying to talk to him, he indicated that they wait, took out his headphones and said, “Sorry, what did you say?”

The moral of the story is to ignore negative thoughts and focus on the positive. If we don’t hear about others’ complaints or fears or are oblivious to them, we simply may be more positive about everything we do. I could relate to this story – whether it’s about climbing mountains or running a business, what I think about a task seems to matter more than the task itself. Last month, I climbed Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest point in Africa and if there’s one thing that mattered more than the body or its capabilities – it was my state of mind.