The Gastro Suite

Gastroenterologists are running faster than ever to stay in the same place. It’s time to think differently.

It’s tough being a gastroenterologist today. There are pressures from every end.


Insurance reimbursements are tougher. Prior authorizations and other bottlenecks create more avenues for denials.


Clinical codes exploded to 155,000 from 17,000 earlier. Insurances have begun scrutinizing medical records for coding specificity before making payments. Yet another avenue to delay payments. More over, hiring GI coders is expensive.


Poorly designed EHRs on older technology have made practicing medicine miserable. Not just hardware costs and ongoing upgrades. But also more bottlenecks before and after seeing your patient.


As if that weren’t enough, gastroenterologists have to now adhere to a new law called MACRA. It’s 2,398 pages long.


Each of these factors contribute to additional costs to stay in business. If you don’t meet these costs, you’ll risk losing what you make today.


It’s true. Gastroenterologists are running faster than ever to stay in the same place.

Big Challenge #1 /
Unstable income year after year

Insurance denials, patient payments, coding mistakes, compliance mandates, unlisted procedures, fluctuating patient volume…there are many reasons to make a gastroenterologist’s income unpredictable today.


You can’t be assured anymore that you’ll get your regular pay check next month. Leave alone next year.

Big Challenge #2 /
Fighting a lonely battle versus losing independence

Gastroenterologists have to either fight a lonely battle of rising expenses and management. Or, lose independence by taking up a job with a hospital. Both are tough choices.


Doctors in smaller physician groups have to juggle many balls to stay in the same place. Reliable management expertise is tough to come by. Costs keep on rising.


Being employed under hospital administration deprives you of your freedom.

Big Challenge #3 /
Changing patient behavior and its link to volume

Ever since managed care, medicine has become more and more transactional. Patients are becoming demanding ‘customers’ who feel entitled to the care they receive. They skip appointments. They are demanding and non-adhering. They aren’t gun shy with legal options. Plus, they have a new weapon – going online and rating their doctor.


Gastroenterologists are particularly subject to patient opinions. This changing societal trend amongst patients has a link with referrals and volume.




This isn’t an isolated problem. It’s the problem of the industry.


This is exactly why we exist. To take the burden off from gastroenterologists. We got great at what we do by specializing. It helped us build the processes and tools required to take on the problems our clients face.

Introducing The Gastro Suite.

A comprehensive solution for gastroenterologists

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